Those girls are trouble…


I’m beginning to think drag queens are the type of girls my mom
warned me about growing up. Nothing but trouble, I tell you!
(Not that I’m complaining) 

Friday night was Lucky Pierre…which is always a lot of fun.
I managed to win at strip poker both times I played…and 
witnessed a naked Cody both times.  Later in the evening
Artemis and Coco threw us into a booth for “7 minutes in heaven.”

After an bit of intense making out and more, we agreed 
to exchange numbers and finish what we started some time
very soon.

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow:  lunch with my 
boss on Saturday, field trip with school on Sunday…

But then Sunday night after a pajama pancake feast hosted
by our friend Danl, Matt and I met up with Artemis at Deco.
We’d hoped to witness the big cock contest, but arrived just
as it finished…but not too late for Artemis to talk me into
competing in the amateur strip contest.  Of course, not
more than 5 minutes after signing up I ran into Cody.  Great.
So much for trying to convince him I’m not as filthy as it

In the end, I did win first place (out of only 4 people) with
a prize of $150.  I had fun…but still feel a bit shocked that
I was strutting around the bar naked simply to earn 

Monday morning at school sucked…hungover and exhausted.
I think I’ve finally caught up on my sleep.  Next weekend will
be a bit more mellow, since I’m going on the first training ride
of the year for AIDS LifeCycle early Sunday morning (20mi).