How I spent my Summer Vacation…


Or at least that’s what this entry feels like…

Boy, when was the last time I posted a real entry? It seems
like over the last year I’ve posted nothing but random pictures
at odd intervals. Thing is, once my journal became out of date
I had so many things to write that I didn’t feel like I could
bring it up to date…so I just ignored it.

I’d like to start writing again, so this entry will serve as
a list (in no particular order) of memorable experiences from
the last 12 months. At least I’ve kept flickr updated:

Performed as a backup dancer in Bebe Sweetbriar’s drag show to Shirely Bassey’s
cover of Pink’s “Get the Party Started.”

Moved back to San Francisco.

Spent several days in Maui, thus completing my visit to all 50 states.

Drove cross country, yet again.

Visited Yellowstone (for the second time) and played tour guide for a
RV-based Geology class trip.

Painted my new room with yellow stripes.

Traveled to Belize with an Environmental Studies class at NorthEastern Illinois University.

Spent 15 days traveling Eastern Europe: Istanbul, Sofia, Beograd, Romania, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna.

Traveled to Berlin.

Went kayaking in the Delaware River with Cody.

Visited Nick (my first ex) in New York City for the first time in 5 years.

Traveled to Bangkok.

Traveled to the Everglades, Ozarks, and Alaska.

Celebrated my grandparents’ 50th anniversary.

Drove along the coast from San Francisco to Seattle.

Acquired a Shag print.

Adopted a loaner cat, Potato.

Watched the Simpsons movie.

Transferred to yet another school: San Francisco State University.

Currently am more tan than I’ve been in many years.

Still happily dating Nick…going on nearly two years.

Bought a new laptop (Asus 1UF).

Switched to AT&T and bought a new cellphone (Samsung Blackjack).

Earned Dean’s List recognition for two semesters in a row.

Learned that Spin class is not such a dumb idea.

Re-acquainted myself with many old friends.

Dropped my Geography minor, but kept my Geology major.

Befriended several drag queens.

Have realized that I’m dangerously close to being considered a hipster.

Discovered the wonders of ArcGIS.

Oye, that’s a lot. Surely I’ve missed a lot too…but at least now I
can feel like it’s time to start with a clean slate. Start writing in
the present rather than always trying to keep up.