Batmale 511, City College of San Francisco


Holding a steady course


The conversation continued and was completed.
I didn’t want a definite answer, just whether
this was worth pursuing.

Thus far it has proved successful for us
to allow our relationship to develop on its
own without any prodding or lengthy disucssions.
No point in changing something that has worked
so well for us in the past.

We’ll continue visiting each other and explore
our respective cities more. When the time
comes for me to make a decision, we’ll revisit
the issue. Until then, enjoying each other’s
company much as we have been.

Penguin cookie jar


Penguin cookie jar, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Cloud Gate – Millenium Park, Chicago


Lettting Go


My final day in Chicago.
My conversation with Nick last night was not very encouraging.
I wondered where this leaves us.
Where do we go from here?
I want to follow him out here.
I’m afraid to let go.

Now I feel like this is goodbye.

Coathanger at Starbucks in Roscoe Village, Chicago


Wheel of Gwen Stefani, Chicago


Wheel of Gwen Stefani, Chicago, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

V day at Roscoe’s, Chicago


V day at Roscoe’s, Chicago, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Brunching with giraffes


Brunching with giraffes, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Faggoty brunch potluck at 191 Castro


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