I’m home


‘This is not the end.’

I hope that is true.

He may visit next weekend, so I have that to look forward to.

Flying home from Des Moines


Flying home from Des Moines, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Rainbow over I70 near Topeka,KS


Rainbow over I70 near Topeka,KS, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Dinner at Casa Bonita (yes it exists)


Salt wash overlook, Utah


Salt wash overlook, Utah, originally uploaded by iwantchai.



Emptiness, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Civic Center Farmer’s Market


Civic Center Farmer’s Market, originally uploaded by iwantchai.



I moved to San Francisco nearly six months ago to start a new life and
pursue an education at UC Berkeley.

In the beginning, things went according to plans.
I made many new friends.
I embarked in many crazy adventures.
I attended classes during the Fall semester at CCSF.
I painted and decorated my bedroom in an expression of creativity
inspired by my summer travels.
I was waiting to find my own place until I hear back from UC Berkeley.

In September I met Nick.
Despite my desire to remain single while I became acquainted with
my new surroundings, I really liked him. In many ways, Nick has
aided in my discovery of San Francisco and in my own personal

In two days Nick moves to Chicago for a new job.

I don’t regret asking for his number that morning,
but I still feel foolish.
I love him.
This wasn’t supposed to happen.

I thought I knew what I wanted, where I was headed.
Now I’m afraid to let him go.
I’ve started to devise a Plan B, which seems very reasonable.

I am reminded of my parting moments with Erik.
We said goodbye in New Orleans during my roadtrip headed East.

In two days, Nick and I depart in Chicago.
Upon arrival, he begins a new life and I return via airplane.

I don’t want to do this again.

Jeremy, drunk?


Jeremy, drunk?, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

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