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Unicorns gone wild!


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An easy solution


So I emailed BoRyan today informing him of my decision to seek a
part time (weekend) job. Shortly afterwords he messaged me, which
led to a phone conversation.

By now I guess I should have expected what happened next. We had
a good discussion about my financial concerns and how I plan on
trying to improve the situation. He’s aware I’m thinking of
selling my car to reduce expenses.

Rather than seeking employment elsewhere, BoRyan suggested we
increase the hours my pay is based on from 25 to 30 per week.
Now that I’m used to my school schedule and settled, that is a
commitment I feel comfortable with. That will motivate me to
make some good progress on a number of projects I have in queue.

We discussed $ amounts, I suggested a number. He countered with
another number, which was slightly higher than mine. Until I
part with the car, he said the monthly increase would completely
cover those expenses.

So basically, I’ve been given a 22% raise. Financial crisis
averted, and no longer will I need to seek a second job.

In case I haven’t already mentioned it enough, I really enjoy
the company I work for and the people I work with. Everyone
genuinely cares for each other and the company is always open
to helping its employees work towards their personal goals.

Whew…now I can drink to celebrate my birthday with a clear

Living within my means


I’m starting to wonder if moving to SF was financially a mistake.
Living on my current salary in this city is becoming difficult.

Option 1: Evaluate whether I really need my car.

Considering how little I’ve been driving lately, it does seem that the
expense of owning the car outweighs the benefits of driving.

Surely $700 every month could be better spent, and on the offchance
that I want to drive somewhere I can always rent a car for the weekend.

Problem is, I still owe $15k on the car loan. Luckily, it does seem
that the resale value of the car is close to that.

Option 2: Find a second part time job.

I moved to SF with the expectation there would be several hours
of work every month with Rob’s clients. This was to allow me
to reduce my monthly rent considerably. Unfortunately, that has
dried up and there’s been no work from them for about 2 months.

I’ve seen postings for early morning shifts at FedEx. I would be
required to work close to 20 hours a week for $12/hr, minus travel
expenses via BART.

Perhaps waiting tables is an option, although I have very little
experience. Starbucks, grocery store, anything that doesn’t pay
minumum wage. Not that I’m too good for it, but honestly 20 hours
a week at minimum wage is not worth the loss of sleep/sanity.



So I drove Nick out to Sacramento on Tuesday afternoon
so he could collect his mom’s car. We had a nice drive,
despite some not so nice traffic.

Found a local bar which boasted an air hockey table.
Walked in and saw no air hockey, only pool tables.

After another Google search, we found ourselves at a
bowling alley. Best air hockey table I have ever
played on. The air was so powerful that the paddles
floated away if you let go of them! The fun was cut
short when we found the game card we’d been using was lifted
by some of the local kids. Thankfully Nick confronted
them and demanded the card back.

I then procceeded to trip over my feet through a few
rounds of DDR. The arcade version feels so much harder
than I’ve played at Nick’s place. Good fun nonetheless,
and definitely a great workout as we were both quite sweaty.

Stopped by his mom’s place and met Nick’s brother and sister.
He introduced me as his boyfriend, which was a bit
unexpected. It was nice to hear though, especially after a lot
of the self-doubt and emotional confusion I’d felt the previous
week. We’d talked vaguely in the past about dating, and it
was him that warned me not to have any expectations. Boyfriend
or no, it’s been a fun two months and rather than looking
forward to the future I’m focusing on enjoying the present.

So we drove back seperately met back at my place after he
picked up a change of clothes. The following morning was
his first day back at United, and he wanted to head out
from my place as I’m closer to the freeway. The cuddling
was nice, though I found myself wishing I had condoms later
in the night. Oh well…guess I ought to have some of those
around just in case the oportunity arises again.

Macrame Unicorns!


druxhl (2:44:29 PM): i ordered your gift :-)
i want chai (2:44:44 PM): ordered?
druxhl (2:44:50 PM): expect a few weeks for delivery, and another week or so for further modifications
druxhl (2:47:47 PM): it’s a giant robot that spews out chai tea at pets. you wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find
druxhl (2:48:58 PM): or maybe it’s a silver lame jumpsuit with macrame unicorns attached
i want chai (2:50:23 PM): oh dear
druxhl (2:50:27 PM): a doubleheaded badtzmaru dildo?
druxhl (2:52:06 PM): or maybe it’s just a subscription to readers digest

Perched above the madness that was Halloween in the Castro


DiscoJuju zombie about to bite into Matt’s head. Braaaaaaains….


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