CA Statewide Special Election


So I spent some time reading up on the propositions up for vote while doing laundry.
I’m voting absentee, so I had to take care of this a bit early.

So far, this is how I’m voting:

73 – No
74 – No
75 – Yes
76 – No
77 – No
78 – No
79 – Yes
80 – Yes

But surfing on a tsunami wave is so much fun!


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – An exclusive California beach enclave has raised
eyebrows by passing out tsunami safety brochures that warn residents, in
capital letters, that they should never try to surf one.

The pamphlets, part of an emergency preparedness campaign, inform residents
of Malibu that tsunamis often follow large earthquakes and advise: “NEVER

“I’m speechless,” Malibu surfer Candace Brown told the Los Angeles Times.
“I think the last thing people will think about when they feel an earthquake
is surfing.”

Malibu’s emergency preparedness director said he thought it would be prudent
to address all possibilities.

“Some people may feel that we are stating the obvious and some people may not,”
Brad Davis said. “We want to encourage people to move away from the coast rather
than toward it.”

The apocalypse is upon us!


druxhl: i never thought i’d say this, but i’m a bit burned out on costumes

A mormon Halloween weekend


I had a really great time this weekend.
Spent some quality time with friends.
San Francisco really feels like home.
San Francisco is becoming a reliable
source of entertainment.

Where else can you be walking down the
street at 2:30am and find a flash rave?
Well, maybe not a flash rave so much as
a human discoball surrounded by a crowd
of people dancing.

Best. Costume. Ever.

I’m glad I chose to join in on the fun
at Andrew’s friend’s place, the Scary
Carnival party. So many great costumes.

Finished the night at Baghdad, which was
incredibly busy. Thomas marveled at how
I was able to arrange seating for the 5
of us. Dating a Baghdad waiter does have
its perks 😉

Crashed at Andrew’s and was woken up
and taken home by Nick. We slept until
6pm on Sunday. I thought about getting
up a few times, but damn if the bed wasn’t
warm and with cuddly boy.

Amazing how a bit of snuggling can erase
all worry and doubt. This is going to be
a good week, I think. Last week I was a
bit of a mess, I’m embarrassed to say.

I managed to meet my goal of not drinking
too much this weekend (unlike heh heh).

The OM Happy Hour was nice on Friday night.
Good music, chill environment, complete with
a rainy walk home. I do miss the rain, so
that was a treat.

Next weekend, however is my birthday.
I expect there to be much drinking.

Why we love San Francisco


Why we love San Francisco, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

Do you need to lose weight? I lost 25 lbs in 3 weeks!


How does a ghost drink?


i want chai: how do you drink?
b l u e g a b s: w/ a straw in the eye hole
i want chai: hah!
i want chai: you can drink with your eye?
b l u e g a b s: yes
b l u e g a b s: sunuses…all connmected
i want chai: but doesn’t your eye hurt in the morning?
b l u e g a b s: eh
b l u e g a b s: no more than my liver usually does
b l u e g a b s: drinkin w/ your eye is where its at



Thanks to some props from Andrew’s Costume Barn and a few
items from my storage unit, I’ve decided to be Mormon for
Halloween. Now to find some slacks that fit me!

10.21.05 – Day 1 of New Phone


10.21.05 – Day 1 of New Phone, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

If this is successful, then I too can post to lj via flickr

(by emailing flickr from my phone).



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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