Love Parade


I had no idea what to expect from Love Parade…but wow.
Dancing in the streets surrounded by my closest friends,

Space Cowboys…Om…Pink Mammoth…all fun floats with
plenty of bumpin music.

Tomorrow is Folsom Street fair, which Nick has mentioned
bringing me to. Should be interesting!

Yucky Colors?


So I showed my grandmother a few pics of my room and the first thing
she said was “yucky colors.” Oh well, can’t please everyone 😉

The vents have been painted and mounted, the orange surfaces touched up,
the faceplates mounted…Now just to touch up the blue and peach then I
can store the painting supplies.

Direct Deposit was delayed by a day this week, which led to an embarrassing
moment when I was unable to pay for lunch with Nick.

Submitted 41 digital shots along with 7 slides to the photo lab, I’ll have
4×6 full frame prints on Thursday night. Then I get to decide which are
deserving of larger prints.

Helped Nick put his bed together the other night. Got some good practice
since I may be purchasing a very similar bed in the near future. Felt
honored to sleep with him in the new bed once it was constructed. Dinner
on Thursday, I think…maybe even some air hockey. Oddly, watching him get
all worked up and competitive was hot. We are dangerously similar, to the
point that our attraction to each other feels somewhat narcissistic.

There was thunder today, along with some rain. I was wet with raindrops
after walking home from the BART station. Hopefully Justin will call
soon, as we’d discussed meeting up for a drink.

Experienced falooda for the first time. Indescribable. Perhaps the most
intense ice cream I’ve tasted.



Last night’s show was amazing, in more ways than I’d anticipated.



What is that vitalizing sound?
Calling me
In my head
What is that vision-ary sight?
Before my eyes
So prominent
So mesmerizing turbulent
You`ve got a hold-on me
Your ingenuity
Seem to be driving me
On my knees
The force you generate
Yor reinvigorate
your body talks
and oversates
(well) Im already drawn
Close to the divine
Intoxicating images are rushing through my mind
Embodiment of sin
Has kindled me within
Sensations seems to multiplay, they`re building up inside
Cutting through the night
Radiating light
I`ve seen you move the crowd
I know what you`re about
The stories i have heard
The talk about excess
I know what pepole say
But surley you inpress
Charismate pill
You elevated sun
Vanity and pride
Added into one
A universal force
An autonomic high
A thing i can`t control
no matter how i try
What have you done to me
This candid chemistry
Emotions running over me
And when you areh your back
Just with a stare like that
Well, it`s natural to interact
Im not holding back
Ready to commence
Caught up in your blizzard
So confusing and intence
Synergy of two
Energy gone wild
See the stars align
To spell your name out in the sky
Never seen a sight
So faseinating right
A symetry between
Dirty and pristine
Calling out so loud
Beautiful and true
Mystery about
Everything you do
Charismatic drug
You elevated sun
Vanity and pride
Added into one
A universal force
An atonimic high
A thing i can`t control
No matter how i try
This electricity
Injected into me
Emotions running over me
And when you`re getting close
You touch my innermost
A feeling deep inside me knows
Wonders of delight
Cutting through the night
Known you got it all
I can`t do without
Burning in my veins
Ripping through my soul
I`ll will never be the same
A secret can`t be told
Charismatic pill
You elevated sun
Vanity and pride
Added into one
A universal force
An autonomic high
A thing i can`t control
No matter how i try!!

My LJ Interests


from :

“Look at your LJ “interests” list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of ’em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.”

athf: I’m not turning on some analog faucet to drink some barbaric water! The mouth is a primitive hole that will soon be phased out.

celexa: Well, it was a crutch for a while…helped me sort a few things out.

dark city: First movie I watched stoned out of my mind (I was 19). Really trippy movie that to this day I still enjoy.

espresso: I’d like an IV drip please.

gay rights: Not special rights, equal rights. Yes, I’m gay.

hiking: I love being outdoors, I love exploring new places, I love waterfalls.

kcrw: Something I’ll miss being able to tune into when in the car now that I’m in San Francisco. Still by far the best radio station I’ve ever known.

moontribe: Dancing in the desert under the full moon? Duh.

npr: Without NPR, I feel out of the loop. Probably the only major news source whose reporting I actually agree with.

psychedelics: I’ve had my share, learned a lot about myself and the world around me. Not such a big part of my life these days, but has left me with many pleasant memories.

snuggling: I’d gladly trade a sexual encounter for a night filled with snuggling…unless of course it is a sexual encounter followed by a night filled with snuggling.

superchunk: Indie band from Chapel Hill, NC. I’ve liked them since high school. I think I like their music less now as an adult, but enjoy the flood of emotions and memories that occur everytime I listen.

the neverending story: oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh…Loved this movie as a kid and still do, even if I’m disappointed by the cheesey effects as an adult.

tuscadero: An indie band from DC that broke up in 2000. Another band from high school days, saw them play a reunion show this past winter in DC and felt like I was 16 again.

An end to an era – and an update on goings on


Surprisingly, there is still some room in the Uhaul truck.
and I depart Long Beach for home (SF) in about
an hour. Spending time with Erik and the rest of our friends on his
birthday was nice. I’m glad it worked out that I was able to come
down to collect my belongings AND see him on his birthday.

I’m looking forward to having my bed, computer, and a few other things
in my new home. I’d been sleeping on a futon in the living room for
the past few weeks, which is okay, but has made it difficult for me to
feel like my current apartment is “home.” I’m also looking forward to
hanging art (photography) on the walls again.

Speaking of which, we looked at some slides that were recently developed
from my trip to the east coast. I was pleased to find several that will
be worthy of printing. What can I say, I *love* to photograph waterfalls
and sand dunes!

I had a great meeting with BoRyan on Friday. I’m really pleased to be
working with him again. I really do have a lot of admiration for him,
and always enjoy the time spent together. I’m moving forward on a few
pending projects, and am excited about the prospect that I’ll have a new
phone by month’s end (Samsung i730).

I’m going to see Royksopp perform live on Wednesday night. Friends have
told me they put on a great show, so it should be a good time. I invited
Nick to go with me, so I’m looking forward to seeing him again as well.
It’s still too early to say much about him, but let it be known that we are
dangerously very much alike and he makes me smile for no good reason.
Also, “fuck you, !

Now that I’ve fully recovered from my travels and I’ve had a chance to
reflect on my experiences, I find myself filled with the strong desire
to travel beyond the US border. A few places on my list include:
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Peru, Chile, India, Turkey. Since
my goal is embark on this journey by Winter Break, I’ll need to figure
out some of the details rather quickly. In the meantime, I should at
least work on getting a passport.

School is kicking my ass. Physics is digustingly dripping with Calculus,
and the History of Photography class I’m taking is disappointingly boring.
Thankfully I’m only taking 8 units, and I suspect this semester will be
over before I know it. In the next month I need to work on an essay for
my transfer application to SF State and UC Berkeley. I think I have a
good shot at my first choice school (Berk), assuming I can explain away
my poor performance at NC State 9 years ago. 9 years!!! And I’m only
half-way done. At least from this point forward there will be coursework
directly related to my Geology degree, so I’d like to think that it is
all downhill from there.

Nearly completed painting


Didn’t quite make my goal of finishing before I head to Long Beach
to collect my stuff, but enough of it is done to make it easy to
work on with stuff in the room.

Here are some pics:

temple burn


So by now the temple has burned and many of my friends
will soon be on their way home. I visited Hayes Green
earlier to check out the gazebo built by David Best.

Didn’t make it to Burning Man this year, so it seemed
appropriate that I visited this park today.

Labour Day Weekend


Spent the day showing Jesse and Mike around town
and shared with them a few of the interesting places
I’ve discovered.

I’m beginning to perfect my own little ‘tour’ which
is great because a lot of friends have been making
plans to visit.

Places we went today:
Mt. Davidson
Twin Peaks
Corona Heights
Golden Gate Park
Sutro Heights
Gastronom (Russian deli in Richmond district)
Baker Beach
Slides near Sewell/Douglas

Last night was a party at ‘s place.
The guacamole I made was well received, and I met a few
really cool people.

Earlier in the day I met someone really cool. There has
been talk of swapping travel stories sometime soon.

The painting is going well. Two coats of primer and one
coat of porcelain peach so far. My goal for tomorrow is
apply the second coat and maybe even start on the pumpkin pie.

My new Colours


The colors I’m using to paint my bedroom:
Bottomless Blue
Pumpkin Pie (inspired by Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah)
Porcelain Peach (inspired by beach sand at Long Beach, MS)