I thought I knew what I was getting myself into…

Turns out I had no idea just how much this would
upset me. Erik’s week is over, and he’s now on
a plane headed back to California.

It’s going to be hard adjusting to not having him
at my side. I know I’ll see him again in two
weeks…but it won’t be the same. I’ll be
“visiting” him…at “his” house…

I wish he didn’t feel like he’s losing me.
I hope he realizes just how special he is to me.
I hope he trusts that I won’t forget about him.
I wish this wasn’t goodbye.

Actually, thanks to Gabby for pointing out this is
not goodbye…just “see you soon”

RoadTrip Update


Currently in Bossier City, LA.
Today we drive into New Orleans.

Website is now up to date through Day 4:


Transcontinental Mikey


So I’m a few days behind, but here is an update on my travels thus far:


Bookmark this and track my travels across the country.

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