At least I got one A this semester


In today’s mail:

Chem 1A Final Grade: A

Rough Itinerary


Depart Long Beach June 4
Day 1: Las Vegas, camp in Zion National Park
Day 2: Crossing Utah. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, camp in Arches National Park
Day 3: Camp in Gunnison National Forest (Colorado)
Day 4: Spend the night in Denver
Day 5: Pass through Wichita, spend the night in Oklahoma City
Day 6: Pass through Dallas, spend the night in Shreveport, LA
Day 7: Pass through Lafayette, Baton Rouge, spend the night in New Orleans
Day 8: Spend day in New Orleans, Erik flies back to CA, crash near Mobile, AL
Day 9: Pass through Montgomery, drive up to Atlanta, visit/crash with Sachiyo
Day 10: Pass through Greenville SC, drive along Blue Ridge Parkway. Lunch at Linville Falls, side trip to Pocahontas WV, spend the night near Roanoke, VA.
Day 11: Continue North on Blue Ridge Parkway, lunch near Natural Bridge, drive along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Camp/crash somewhere nearby.
Day 12: Drive East through DC, possible overnight stay
Day 13: Continue North, lunch in Philadelphia, arrive dinnertime at Dad’s in Brick, NJ.

The last few days get a but fuzzy. A lot depends on my stamina, patience, etc. as I’ll be
on my own beyond New Orleans.

My goal is to find a couch to crash on in the following cities (or vicinity):
Oklahoma City
Dallas or Shreveport
New Orleans

I’d much rather experience places along the way with local residents. I figure, Motel 8 looks
the same in CA as it does TX as it does VA. I’ll stay in a motel if need be, but I’d much rather
either camp or crash/hang out with locals in the area. Also presents a great oportunity to swap
stories, experience what the local area has to offer, and make new friends.

So yeah…if anyone has any oportunities for couchsurfing in the above cities, please let me know!



Final Grade in Physics: B

I know a B is still a good grade,
but I was really hoping for an A.

What makes it worse is that in the
grade posting, half the class got
A’s and I’m the first B. So close!

Looks like my GPA will be sinking
even lower this semester. :-(

Take THAT, Calculus!


From: John Kevin Ryan [mailto:*******]
Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 8:57 PM
To: Michael Muniz
Subject: RE: Math 70 Section 323030

Exam #4-86



Exams are over.
The move is complete.
Basil from the garden has been turned into pesto.
Cilantro from the garden has been turned into cilantro chutney.
Walked (yes, walked) from the house to Chuck’s for breakfast yesterday
followed by a walk along the beach.
Walked (yes, walked) from the house to Natraj for Indian lunch buffet today.
Spent some time smoking a clove, drinking a cocktail, and reading Wigfield
which lent me months ago.

It’s nice to have the luxury of leisure time again :-)

2 down, 1 to go


Almost there…

Doesn’t mean the worrying stops.
Hopefully my profs will have good
news for me in the next week.

I’m very worried about Calculus, as
that final was fucking hard.

Chemistry…I’m also worried about,
as I had to guess on at least 10
questions due to running out of time.


There are no bowls to eat my breakfast with.

Mental Note: Never allow your roommates to
talk you into moving the same week you have
to take final exams. Even if it means an
extra $500 in everyone’s pocket. Not worth it.

I need a vacation.



It’s always a treat to be reminded that there are in fact
people that are bigger geeks (dorks) than anyone I know.
This time though, I’m a bit afraid…

Marshall artist sword masters from Master Replicas will present live lightsaber duels in the plaza every hour after dark, Wednesday through Saturday, May 18 – 21. The 501st Legion Stormtroopers will oversee the duels.

On Wednesday, May 18th, the 501st Legion, led by Darth Vader, will march through Hollywood to celebrate the opening of the film, returning to ArcLight around 7pm.

Let the celebration begin and may the Force be with you.

I know what Martial arts are, but what are Marshall arts?

And yes, the 501st Legion Stormtroopers DO have a website:

Everything is okay


I’ve found it helpful to distract myself with things that make me happy.
This tactic enables me to go about my day without dwelling on things
that have been making me sad lately.

Hopefully this list will be a constructive exercise in reminding me of
such things…

Harvesting fistfulls of cilantro from my own backyard.
Unexpected iPod gifted from Eben in gratitude for my hard work.
Last night’s Calculus exam = take-home exam.
I have my ticket for Transformus, the SouthEast Regional Burn.
Erik has agreed to begin my journey East with me in June.
Going camping in Zion and Arches with Erik.
Spending time with my dad and my grandparents this summer.
Flying back in June for work meeting and spending some time with Erik.
I’ve discovered I can make kick ass banana bread.
One more week until the semester is over.
Succeeding in getting DSL installed in the new house prior to move in.
Finally getting CommerceWest to pay for my alignment.
Actually found 2 decent matching tires for my car to replace the worn ones.
A box of CDs/DVDs/Records that should demand close to $200 at Fingerprints.
Being able to pawn off (read: gift) stuff to friends as I downsize.

Something to look forward to…


Beginning my intracontinental trip with Erik.
Camping in Zion National Park and Arches National Park.

Also, there will be a weekend in June.

We will not lose what we have…but we may see
less of each other…

I guess we’ll have a year to really think about
everything…hopefully at that point if it’s meant
to be, he’ll follow.

All is NOT lost!


Grade on last week’s Calculus exam: 90, A
Average in Calculus class to date: 71, C

Average in Calculus class prior to the last exam: 63, F

I have one exam left + final exam.
Provided I don’t fail either of them, I’ll pass the class!