Paid the remaining balance on my tuition due for the Spring semester today.
I’m not officially enrolled in Calculus 2, Chemistry 1, and Physics 1.
I walked over to the bookstore and was a bit distraught by the book prices.
Time to shop around online for the best prices and start mining for gold
in my back yard.

Best Christmas present ever!


So walking back to the car last night with
after a fabulous dinner with our friend Alex, I discover
that someone left me a nice present…

As well as a note from the LAPD notifying me that a collision
report had been made for a hit & run accident.

Yay for paying a $500 deductable! :-(

Half way there


So looks like I found someone that’s willing to buy
an old Cisco Pix 506 from me on Monday for $150, so
I only need to come up with another $150.

My previous offer still stands, in exchange for a
loan in the amount of $150, I pay back $200.

Invest in my education!


As shameless (or shameful) as this sounds,
I’m looking for someone that is willing to
invest $300 with a return of $375 within
2 months (that’s 125%).

No this isn’t some internet scam. I just
don’t have the funds available to make the
remaining tuition payment to Long Beach
City College which is due on 12/27.

I can provide proof of enrollment (a total
of 15 credits for the Spring semester), you
all know I’m employed, and most of you know
where I live.

In exchange for this investment/loan, you
will receive 25% interest as well as good
karma points for helping me reach my
educational goals.

If interested, please contact me via AIM
or email (both listed in my profile).

Yes, your tiki god is very handsome, but we’re here to talk about Jesus


Another holiday-related excerpt courtesy of David Sedaris.
This one is from “Put a Lid on It” contained within
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

  ME:  Did you get your tree yet?
  KEN:  I'm a Jew, I don't decorate Christmas trees.
  ME:  So you're going to go with a wreath instead?
  KEN:  I just told you, I'm a Jew.
  ME:  Oh, I get it.  You're looking for a cheap wreath.
  KEN:  I'm not looking for a wreath at all.  Leave me alone,
will you.
  ME:  You're probably just tense because you haven't fin-
ished your Christmas shopping.
  KEN:  I don't Christmas shop.
  ME:  What are you telling me?  That you make all of your
  KEN:  I don't give Christmas presents period.  Goddamit, I
told you, I'm a Jew.
  ME:  Well, don't you at least need to buy something for
your parents?
  KEN:  They're Jews, too, idiot.  That's what makes me one.
It's hereditary.  Do you understand?
  ME:  Sure.
  KEN:  Say the words "I understand."
  ME:  I understand.  So where are you going to hang your

Penguins love triscuit too


I wake this morning to see this on my desk.
Funny how I didn’t recall placing these items like
this last night before bed…

Let it snow


This is my last night in New Jersey.
I’m ending this trip wishing I could stay longer.
I really do need to visit more often…both NJ and NC.

I really enjoyed spending time with my dad and
especially enjoyed catching up with some friends.

Marc kidnapped me and took me to Atlantic City.
I was rad spending time with him and kicking it old school.
I hadn’t seen him in 5 years, and it was great
getting drunk and wandering around Atlantic City
just like we used to in New York City.

It is now snowing and my step sisters are praying
for a snow day tomorrow. Marienne’s bf is super hot
too…for a 17yo.

Once I finish registering tomorrow for the spring
semester, I’ll have a better handle on my schedule.
Hopefully I’ll be able to swing a few trips back
here over the next few months.

Hepatic Masochism


So I’ve learned…when my dad picks me up from the train station
after arriving for my holiday visit and hands me a sack…it only
means one thing:

“When are you making me cookies?”

So of course, I had to make cookies.
It was expected that I’d make him cookies.
As per usual, I made my chocolate chip chocolate hazelnut cookies.
That of course after the trip to WalMart to get a coffee grinder.

He informed me today that his normal joint pains were nonexistant today.
Also that the cookies were delicious.

Shortly an old friend will be collecting me so we can go to Atlantic City.
There, hepatic masochism will ensue.

So THIS is why I moved to California!


It’s fuckin’ cold in NJ in the winter!!!
As I was waiting for the train at the airport in Newark,
I noticed a few puddles on the ground near the tracks.
They were frozen solid.
At 6:00 pm.
Rode the NJ Transit train down to Point Pleasant Beach,
where my dad collected me.

Within minutes of getting in the car, my dad hands
me a sack. Dry dirt, mind you…but a sack nonetheless.
Next task, buy papers!

Discovered that one of my dad’s neighbors has an open
wireless network. This is how I am currently connecting.
I mentioned this to my dad and I’ve now been tasked with
purchasing and setting up a wireless card on his PC.
What have I started? 😛

Watched Drawn Together with my dad. He got a kick out of it.
Got my first peak at the new sister. She’s cute, despite being
a screamer.

On Friday night, I’m getting together with Marc and we’re going
down to Atlantic City. There have been promises of drunken
shenanigans…so it will be just like old times. I’ve not seen
Marc in over 5 years, so I’m looking forward to it. He and
I used to kick it back in NYC, get drunk and wander around the city.

On Monday, I’ll be seeing my friend Chris’ new house in Montclair.
There’s been talk of heading into the city to a museum and lunch
before he drives me over to the airport.

Looks like snow is forcast for NYC on Sunday/Monday, so I just
might get a treat…so long as it doesn’t rain. I’ll have
none of that in 30 degree weather.

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