september the twelfththth


So two week old oatmeal playa cookies are still muy potent…
At least if you eat 6 of them…oye

I got quite a bit of work done this morning, along with yesterday.
Had a chat with and feel better about a lot of things.
Saw Party Monster last night…loved it…especially Christina!
Got a membership at a local movie rental place…cheaper than Blockbuster :-)
Swam and then rode my bike down to the the beach and rented a kayak.
Other than forgetting my gloves, I had a great time.
Spent some good quality time with myself.

I came back from Burning Man feeling in better shape than I’d left.
Lots of physical activity, sun, minimal snackfood…
I was lazy last week, today being the first day since returning that I
did any kind of physical activity. Really enjoyed riding my bike in the evening.

TOmorrow is my training for the XPrize launch. I’ll be working the info
booth at the mojave launch event in a few weeks. Also need to get my plane
tickets for SF. I’m hoping I can be in town for the decompression.

Oh yeah…and newman’s own dark chocolate…amazing…especially for being organic.

So much for the fall semester


So I discovered today that the Political Science class I registered for
has been dropped from my schedule because I didn’t pay the fees on time.

I would have, but alas the $78 was just too much for me and I had hoped
the funds would be available before the class got dropped.

So I check back today, now that I can afford to pay it and not only was
the class dropped…but it is now full.

Guess I ought to start eyeing the winter semester.

my turn?


Funny how I’m starting to see things through ‘s eyes…

I guess it really was “my turn.”

Digging myself out


Somehow I miscalculated my bills for this month and
my bm-related expenses have set me back further than
I was expecting. This is gonna be a very challenging
September…I hope Mike has a lot of work for me over
the next few weeks.

I’m gonna be cutting things really close for a while.


Perhaps if I keep myself busy time will pass quickly
and I won’t even notice.

Negativity, intimidation, regret.


Three things I need to work on as I mentally ease back into reality…

I need to be more positive about things. I need to “look on the bright side”
whenever possible. I need to distance and isolate myself from those that
dwell on that which is negative.

This is going to be tough. I need to not be easily intimidated by others.
I need to learn to be more outgoing, less shy. I want to feel less threatened
by strangers or by what may happen as a result of my interaction with others.
I will not be afraid to speak my mind, or to say things at the right moment.

I need to learn to think fast. I will not be afraid to speak my mind, or to
say things at the right moment. I will do what I want, say what I want, when
I want. I will not let anyone or anything be come an obstacle that prevents
me from doing what I want. I will enjoy each moment to the fullest, because
there may not be a next time or a second chance.

I’m tired of being jealous of other people’s accomplishments. I’m tired of
wishing I was somewhere I’m not. I’m tired of settling for the status quo.
I’m ready for change. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to follow my dreams,
hopes, and achieve my goals.



So Burning Man…

A very interesting experience.
I have a lot to think about.
A lot to examine.
I feel inspired and motivated to overcome all obstacles
and hurdles that may get in my way.

Some relationships need to be strengthened.
Some relationships need some distance.
I’ve taken time to evaluate my personality.
I’ve taken time to review my flaws.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and other people.

What will I do with this knowledge?
Only time will tell.