The man burns in 17 days?!?!



I’ve always been an outside spectator of the madness that ensues during the month
of August as all my friends prepare for Burning Man. This year I get to have that
experience myself, since left me no choice this year.

Everything is coming along nicely so far.
Tamales are finished.
Fabric has been purchased.
Meal plan worked out.
Food prep is moving along.
Tha Drizzle ™ shows promise.

The only thing I worry about slightly are my finances.
I can make it on the little bit I have right now, but would prefer
to have more. That is just a matter of being able to nag Matthews & Partners
into cutting the check for $300 they owe me.

My main focus over the last couple of weeks has been Burning Man.
I realize that I’ve neglected a lot of people lately, including Erik.
I hope everyone understands, and that my free time/energy will return
to normal come September.

Pretty accurate…


The FriendsÂ’ Friends
Category XII – The Friends’

You usually tag along with one or another of your
friends, constantly meeting new people, but
rarely cementing new frienships. What’s up
with that?

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