So I planted some moonflower seeds a coupla months ago.
I arranged the pots under the metal rails holding up our
back porch, in an attempt to encourage them to climb.

Not only have they climbed to the very top, but I witnessed
the second flower last night. As the name would suggest,
these begin opening in the evening and close by morning.
Sadly, they only last one night.

The beauty is amazing though, and the fragrance is faint
but very pleasant.

I resized one of the pictures I took and am now using it
as my desktop wallpaper (1280×1024):

Mister Mister, Mist Master, Mr squared


While running some errands, I looked in Lowe’s for parts
that could improve the misting system. I did find some
mister attachments, but only as part of a kit you buy for
$4 and it only came with 4 attachments. Not very economical.

So…I found tube plugs and decided to test a theory we had.
Why not just seal off the tubes and poke holes in them?

This seems to be the way to go, although the stream is
still more like a drizzle (Who is The Drizzle?) than
a mist. I think the next test will involve a finer pin
as the safety pin I used seemed to create too large of a

Total spent on mr^2 … $10.25.

More pics at

Day 2


Last night was fun, despite the suckage of this new
dance music trend. I fuckin’ hate electroclash.

James Holden was great, once he progressed to music
that was a bit more his style (maybe WAS his style?)

He was overall good though, it was the previous (and
headlining) dj that sucked.

Erik found us around 2am, apparently the door was
open to the Avalon, so Danielle and I snuck down
and danced to Astral Projection for a bit.

So far today has been productive…
Scrubbed the kitchen floor, tended to the garden, cleaned up the house a bit, participated in a
conference call, and most importantly this:

Rather than spend the $30 for a premade mister system,
and I decided we’d make our own.
Not only is it cheaper, but we’d have more flexibility.

So yeah, this was my test of v0.1
More pics at

free at last


Yesterday was my last day working at The Irvine Company.
In fact, it was my last day working ever…or at least for quite some time.

I spent the last few days training my replacement as best as I could.
Everybody seemed to be very appreciative at work, and supportive of my goals.

Tuesday a few people (from desktop and helpdesk) took me out to lunch.
Wednesday my whole team took me out to lunch.

It was nice to feel appreciated. Everyone in the team had nothing but good
things to say to me. Definitely inflated the ego a bit :-)

So yes, today is the first day.
I think it will take some time to sink in really.

Either way, I’m looking forward to spending my days exactly the way I want
to…and no more dry cleaning!

I think today will involve breakfast shenanigans with
among other things. She decided to spend her day off with me on my first day
of freedom. We’re going to that photography exhibit in San Pedro I’ve been
wanting to see. She’s also accompanying me to see James Holden tonight.

I’m excited…first time I heard “Horizons” by James Holden was at my first
desert party over 3 years ago. I was amazed. I really dig his style and
have on more than one occassion had Erik play that record for me. I won
tickets on KCRW to see him spin at the Spider Club (just above the avalaon).

Stupid American car!


So I dropped my Subaru off at the dealer this morning to get
my first oil change and to have all of the parts I ordered
installed (rear differential protector, tow hitch, bike rack,
etc etc). As a loaner, they hooked me up with a car from
Enterprise…a Chevy Aveo.

Within the first few minutes, I was already sad that I’d
be without my car for two days. This Aveo has no suspension,
no pickup, handles poorly, and is an automatic. I also feel
like I’m too close to the ground and I can’t even see the hood
of the car from the driver’s seat.

So yeah, I’ve only had my Subaru for a month, but man…
I sure did get used to it fast. I almost felt like I’d
forgotten how to drive. Seriously, once you get a taste
of AWD and a car with more than 95hp you can never go back.

A fair compromise


I’ve always known BoRyan to be a very fair person and as wierd
as it felt working for him at iNet, I enjoyed it. Out of all
of the managers that came and went in his place, I enjoyed
working for him the best.

Originally BoRyan offered $850, $950 after 3 months,
and $1050 after 6 months. After calculating out the pay rate,
I decided I’d ask for a slightly higher rate ($900 then 1000 then 1100).

His response:

I’d be willing to do the following:

0-3 months

3-6 months

>6 months

So I wrote him back accepting the position. I’m excited.
I can’t wait to ride my bike down to Pine St. and get some
work done while smoking some licorice flavoured goodness.

Good job-related news


So I spoke with BoRyan this evening about the current project I’m working on.
I had a few questions and needed some additional information.

After that was said and done, we talked about my future role.
We basically decided that as of August 1, I will be working up
to 20 hours per week. In exchange I will be paid $850 twice
a month.

This is what I was hoping for. So now, I know my bills will
be taken care of. On top of that, I still have the additional
consulting I’ve got going on.


I’m excited, only 9 more days and I’m free from The Irvine Company!



Fish Bowls!
Forest Bump!

Good times were had. I love being in the forest.
I’m glad people loved the cucumber salad.
Fresh from the garden is so tasty!
and I rocked dinner :-)

I’m a bit disappointed by the chocolates though.
Either I was too drunk or too cold, but I didn’t
at all trip like I did at Moontribe. I dunno,
I’ll give it another try but I think danielle’s
right…shrooms just might not be for me.
I guess that’s what I get for trying to stick
with naturally occurring hallucinogens.
Luckily, I still have two “mystery pills” for
Burning Man 😉

Erik got to spin a morning closing set. That
was a treat…I’m glad people enjoyed it too!

I’m looking forward to returning next weekend.
Erik and I decided that’s the area we are going
to explore for our camping trip. I just discovered
that the wilderness areas are off limits to
mountain bikes though. Bummer, I really wanted
to bike along the fish bowls trail.

I will have 8 inches inside me tonight…


Of cucumbers that is:

Along with some:

I picked these from my makeshift garden.
And yes, I planted everything from seed…
no cheating with buying plants from the garden shop.
I was pretty surprised by the cucumbers. They have
a way of popping out and surprising you 😉

The first batch of tomatoes have been picked, but there
are a LOT more that are just starting to turn red 😀

This looks like a good salad to me:

2 weeks


So today’s the day I give my 2 week notice.
My big “fuck you” to Joy and The Irvine Company.
I had a job interview with Apani yesterday.
It went well, except for the fact that they were
looking for somebody with a very strong linux
background, as they are getting ready to make the
jump from MS to linux.

I suppose that makes my decision a bit easier.
For a while there I was toying with the idea
of maybe just taking a full time job elsewhere.
I appreciate Shay’s (my recruiter) efforts, I
know she’s always had my best interests in mind.

That being said, she came up with another possible
solution. The desktop support group is looking
to hire a contractor. Not only that, but the
manager of that group apparently has raved to her
about how much he likes me. After trying several
contractors and not being satisfied, he’d say to
Shay “Can’t you just send me a Michael Muniz?”
Apparently he’s spoken well of me to Shay, and she’s
pretty convinced he’d hire me as a contractor in
a heartbeat. That would, however, be a full time
position. And my purpose for resigning is because
I want part time. It could eventually lead to
part time work once the busy summer season is over,
but there’s no guarantee on that.

So yes, although I’m looking to work part time…
There’s the option of simply working for a different
boss within a different group. Not only that, but
working with a group of people that really appreciate
the work I do. The manager over there always speaks
highly of me, and his guys often drop compliments
about things I do for them.


Why does this have to be so hard? 😛

On top of all that, Shay warned me that if I give my
notice today there is a chance that today may be my
last day. Since I am a network admin and have full
access to all systems, it could be viewed as a security
concern for me to continue working the remaining two
weeks. I think they would be really hurting themselves
if they did that since they’re really busy and I do
carry a lot of the daily tasks myself.

Also, I received an email from Mike (the pt consulting gig)
regarding a client of his that needs some help. I told
him to give me a head’s up if he had any work that could
be done evenings/weekends to get me started until I’m
available during the day. So it is reassuring to see that
he’s serious about putting me to work.

I also emailed BoRyan yesterday informing him of my resignation
at The Irvine Company. I expressed my desire to discuss future
projects coming down the pipeline with DavidDeangelo, and the
potential for the retainer relationship he mentioned in the past.
He had mentioned maybe paying me a retainer equivelant to 10 hours
per week for maintenance, upkeep, and break-fix as needed. That
would certainly help meet my income requirements, especially since
work I do for him can essentially be done from anywhere, anytime.
I <3 working from home! So yeah, hopefully I have my current job for the next two weeks. If I don't...well...I'll just have to deal, won't I?

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