Home sweet home


So I’m home now.
Today was pretty uneventful.
Spent $50 on taxi ride though, that sucked.
I did find a great Indian buffet called Minerva
in NW Houston.

So another small victory in my plan of knowing
where to get curry in every city.

So add Houston to the list of places
where you can get tasty Indian buffet.

arrives tomorrow.
I need to rest up for her visit.

Worst plane trip ever…I hate Houston!


Man O Man.

I should have known something was up right from the beginning.
Before leaving my grandparents’ house, we checked the status of my flight.
Scheduled to leave at 5:45pm, estimated to leave at 6:15pm.
We leave around 6:30pm.
Estimated flight time: 2hr 20min.
Connecting flight departure time: 8:47pm (9:47pm Eastern)

Due to the bad weather, estimated touchdown at Houston was updated to 8:40pm.

Not long after that, we’re informed that we are landing in Austin to refuel.
Apparently our jet didn’t have enough fuel for the holding pattern the tower
at Houston requested.

Depart Austin around 10pm, arrive Houston around 10:45pm.
Clear skies in Houston this time around.

Due to inclement weather, Continental Airlines is not responsible for missed
connecting flights. The best they can offer is a little voucher for a reduced
rate at the Clarion Hotel.
Shuttle departs outside the ground transportation center.
Thanks rude gate keeper.
New boarding pass in hand (915am), I march downstairs.
30 minutes of waiting amongst a flock of disgruntled travelers.
Shuttle pulls up, door is broken.
People have to climb in over the driver’s seat to get in.
20 minutes of driving…arrive at Clarion.
Line is out the door…several planes worth of people trying to get rooms.
Check next door, no rooms.
Check everywhere, no rooms.
Walk a mile to Kinko’s.
Finally find a room back where I came from near the airport.
So now I’m just waiting for the taxi to collect me.

Oh yeah, and somehow in all of this my phone hinge snapped, so the lid dangles
by the speaker wire.

At least it stopped raining.
I need sleep…and a stiff drink.

Carolina on my Mind


So today is the last day of my trip.
Gramma ran out to do some work (she is a greeting card merchandizer).
While she’s doing that, I’m working on her computer.

I’ve had a nice trip.

Went to my cousin’s graduation on Sunday.
It was HOT, but nice.
Nearly 4000 kids in her graduating class from UNC-Chapel Hill.
Guess I feel a bit jealous.
Wish I’d finished college…I will though, someday.
Her boyfriend is nice.
Kind of strange seeing her old enough to drink and be out on her own.
I still see all of them as little kids in my mind.
Had dinner with my grandparents.
Sundays are gravy night.
knows exactly what I’m talkin about.

Monday I hung out in a shopping center while my gramma did
some work up the street.
Spent some time in Target, Best Buy, BJ’s, Dick’s, and
even considered Cold Stone.
And yes…BJ’s is a Costco-type store, and Dick’s is a sporting goods store.
I was NOT hanging out in bath houses.
I found a wireless keyboard for my gramma at Target.
That was my mission.
We bought subs from Jersey Mike’s for lunch.
I miss that place.
Jersey Mike’s and Blimpie’s are the best for subs.
Afterwords I borrowed my grandmother’s car and picked my sister up from school.
My sister is a senior now, graduating in a couple of weeks.
She’s going through a lot of the same shit I went through
with my parents.
I’ve offered to help her out in any way I can, even if it means
flying her out to California.
I took her to Cup a Joe, where I had a King Iced Mocha (4 shots of espresso).
That was a place I hung out at often when I lived on campus
at NCSU.
They have the best coffee, and strong too.
Back in the day, we’d get the drinks that have 6 shots of espresso.
Granted, I was usually up all night anyways, so why not?
We hit up a few record shops on Hillsborough St and walked
around campus for a bit. Stopped and layed in the grass.
She seemed to really enjoy herself. I’m glad.
It was good to see her, and I’m glad I was able to brighten her day.
I had the oportunity to meet the people she’s been hanging out with
across the street from my mom’s house. I’ll admit it was a bit odd
seeing that she hung out with people that were older than me,
but they did all seem genuinely cool. Geeks, of course.
Her best friend Jai, works for Cingular.
He’s Cingular’s version of the Verizon guy.
He drives around with a GPS and a laptop and checks signal quality of their cell towers.
Came back to my grandparents house and had ham, sweetpotatoes, and peas.
Boy was that ham tasty.

Boy, I’d forgotten how slow dialup was…Windows Update
estimates 1 hour left for 15 megabytes.

I leave for home tonight.
I wish I could have stayed longer.
I didn’t get to see my friends, one of which graduated this
weekend with a masters in information sciences.
I also geniuinely like being out here.
Everything is so green, and everyone is a bit more relaxed.
Funny, everytime I come back to places I’ve lived I feel
sad to leave as if I wanted to stay.
I am happy living in California, but I certainly do miss being
out here.
I need to find a way to come out more often.



I miss nyc.
samuel adams cherry wheat is tasty.
people movers make me dizzy.

It’s a fine day


Erlend was fun.
His mixing left much to be desired, but he fully admits to not mixing well.
I got to hear him sing It’s a fine day.
That was the highlight me thinks.
I’m glad we bought tix online.
There had to be at least 200 people waiting in line for tickets.

anyways…my plane is taking off.
no more wireles.



It’s that time of year again…





Reminiscent of days gone by, I received 3 emails/calls regarding jobs today!!!

One is for a NOC position at the SBC data center in Irvine.
-I’ve toured that facility, it rocks!!!

One is for some Network Operations tech (I’ve left a return voicemail).

The third was the result of passing my resume
to her roommate.
Too bad I didn’t know Christina’s last name, I sure was confused when
the guy said that I’d been referred by Christina Allen!

The guy that called me about the SBC position seemed very interested.
We shall see.
I’m still considering going off on my own, but I need to save up some funds first.

Either way, things are looking up.
And every day that passes, I feel less and less tied to my current job.
I’m so ready to just say “fuck you irvine company!”



Good lord it was hot today.
101 was the high temp.
It’s still a good 20 degrees hotter inside than outside.

Got some swimming in at least…the pool water is up to 78.

Bought a waterpik today, my teeth feel very clean.

Time to lay in bed and sweat.

Employment Ponderings


So I’ve been re-evaluating my employment situation lately.

I hate working for ‘the man’
I hate wearing shirt/tie every day.
I hate not having any time to myself during the week.
I hate being exhausted every day when I come home.
To sum it up, I hate my current job.

I’ve been looking for a new one, but alas the market sucks.
My grandmother and many friends have suggested going into business for myself
or at least consulting on an independent basis.

I’ve thought about that, but I just don’t have
enough business contacts to pick up enough clients
to carry me financially.

It was recently brought to my attention that former
inet chums Chris and BoRyan were doing consulting
for this company and they had some admin-related
projects coming up.

I talked to BoRyan, and it looks like there is a
good couple weeks worth of projects initially.
After that it would be on a need basis.
There is potential for there to be full-time work
down the road. The biggest advantage I saw, is
this would all be remote work. As in, work from home.

I would LOVE the ability to work from home (or anywhere with
wifi access once I get my laptop).

Most of all, I could work on my OWN time.
I would be able to reclaim time for myself.
I would have time to go back to school.
No more shirt and tie.

I’ve had other offers to do consulting work,
but they’ve all been for situations with only
a few hours per week. I figure, I could take
on several gigs and bring in enough money to
make ends meet.

Sure there would be some sacrifices as I expect
that I would be bringing in less money. Honestly
though, I have a lot of excess income that just
gets spent as it is. I’ll just need to cut back
on the spending. I’d also be less able to help
Erik out financially, but that’s something we’ll
both need to adjust to.

I’m meeting with BoRyan on May 15 to discuss everything,
so we shall see. I might pick up a project or two
to work on in my spare time, just to get a feel
for just how much time will be involved.
Kind of a trial, I suppose. If all goes well,
I’ll be able to swim in my pool during the week
this summer and continue my education this fall.

I’ve always been guilty when it comes to dealing
with the status quo and avoiding big changes, even
if they are for the best.
Maybe I need to change that.

ShoreLine Curry


Just got back from La Palapa down by the Olympic
Pool along Ocean Blvd.
The food was good, the music was good, and it was
nice dining on the patio along the beach.
Brian wanted to go out to eat and suggested
El Torito. Not wanting to sit in a crowded
restaurant on a Saturday night, I suggested
La Palapa so we could sit outside :-)

It was a perfect way to end a day spent at the beach.

You see, Erik and I decided to go for a ride today down
by the beach since it was so beautiful today.
We rode down studebaker to Loynes and took
Pacific Coast Highway over to Kamal Palace.

Consumed a goodly amount of curry (but not too much)
and walked over to Albertson’s, where we filled
my HydraPak.

Continued our trip on 2nd street, through Naples,
and cut over to Ocean Blvd at 54th Place.

From there we took the bike path on the beach
for 3 miles, where it ends at Shoreline Village
in downtown Long Beach.
We rode around the harbor for a bit before
heading back home.

As soon as we got home, I removed my sweaty clothes,
put on my trunks and jumped in the pool.
So refreshing!!! 😀

I napped for an hour or two.
Between the sun and the pool I was so relaxed
and sleepy!

Here’s a pic of Erik at the terminus of our ride:

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