Big Gay Club and the Big Gay Line Dance


So I dragged out to Soul Titanium lastnight.
I’d been wanting to go, and got Danl, Bianka and Katina interested as well.

We get there, and the first thing we see when we walk in
are people line dancing to country music.

Our reactions must have been pretty bad because the
woman (i think?) at the door told us not to be scared
and that we were looking for the club in the back.

So we find the club, only they were missing a cable.
Or maybe the mixer wasn’t working.
Either way, there wasn’t any music and they had to
wait for someone to bring another mixer.

In the meantime we watched very butch lesbians
line dancing along with one guy in cowboy boots.
They danced to dixie chicks, cyndi lauper, even

Poor Katina got hit on every time she went to the
bathroom. This one dyke kept following her around.
Katina says she prefers girls that look like girls, not men.

Speaking of getting hit on, we ran into James.
Introducted him to Josh.
“Is that your man?”
No. I suppose Josh and Erik are both tall and thin,
but the resemblence ends there.
Guess he just wanted to be sure before he started hitting
on him. Ooops! 😛

So yeah, first dj starts…he’s mediocre.
Joplin finally comes on, spins a mediocre set.
And that’s when the lights came on.
There were so many dumb lights…of course, it was
the Big Gay Club on Friday nights (note, I was there on THURSDAY).
You can’t have such a club without dumb lights.

I passed on copies of Erland Oye’s DJ Kicks as well as another CD to Josh.
I suspected he’d dig it, which he did. :-)
Now we’ll see if he decides to come out to see Erland at Zanzibar next Friday 😛



1. Go into your LJ archive
2. Find your 23rd post
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Insert below

From July 18, 2003

Nothing beats home-cooked curry, especially when cooked by someone else! :-)

I love you ladybugs!


So I bought a carton of ladybugs last night.
Stupid lady at the garden shop was trying to
convince me to buy this garden pest spray
stuff. She claimed that it was made from
all natural ingredients, but since the
packaging didn’t list ingredients or make
any mention of being all natural, I was
skeptical. She claimed “this is what
farmers us, and what you find on vegetables
in the grocery store.”

I don’t think she got my point. I’m growing
my OWN vegetables so I can enjoy them without
all the chemicals and fertizers involved.
She tried telling me the ladybugs will all
fly away and probably won’t eat the aphids.

So I put them in the fridge and misted the
basil and rosemary. The ladybugs now dormant
from the cold, I released some on to the basil
and some on to the rosemary. I saved the rest
for a future deployment.

I spent about 20 minutes watching as they
devoured the aphids. So interesting, almost
like a nature show!!! So I woke up this morning
and although it does look like most of them
moved on, there are still quite a few ladybugs
hanging around. WOOHOO! 😀

Pretty ladybugs:

Tasty basil…can’t wait to cook with this:

ladybug bicycles


Fuckin’ aphids.
I discovered an army of them hangin’ out on my basil.

Determined to get rid of them without chemicals,
I did some research and discovered ladybugs love to
eat aphids.

I also figured out what’s going on with my rosemary: Thrips.
The solution: Lacewings or pirate bugs.

Apparently Ladybugs love to eat white flies too,
which seem to be devouring the shrubbery in our front yard.

So I go to the garden shop near my office today and
attempt to buy ladybugs, but alas…I left my wallet at home.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I was nearly out of gas.
Thankfully lives nearby and was generous
enough to come by my office and loan me $5 so I could get home.

I decided to ride my bike up to Sav On to buy some cereal
and batteries. This is just the sort of thing I intended on
doing once I acquired a bicycle. I attached all of the lights
for night safety and pedaled away. Invigorating, but not in
a muddy way. It was nice. Tossed the cereal and batteries
(and cheddar triscuits) in my backpack and rode home.

I’m almost tempted to ride my bike to Soul Titanium tomorrow
night. 😀



Today was a lot of fun.
My feet are tired though.

I can now scratch off the Hammer Museum and the Fowler Museum from my list.
and I hit them up today after Dim Sum in Chinatown.
Decided we weren’t meant to have very postivie dining experiences together in Chinatown.
This makes three times.

Museums were great. I enjoyed to photo exhibit, and the “Art of Rice”
was definitely interesting. I’d never really thought of the
important role rice has played in culture, religion, society.

Wandered around Westwood.
Drank/Ate boba.
Checked out laptops and cell phones at Best Buy.
Ate dinner at CPK’s and stumbled back to the car.

Smoked a few bowls here and there.


And I bought fuzzy badtz dice for my car.

I swear, I think I overdosed on sunshine this weekend.
I’m just in a rediculously pleasant mood.

New Cee Dees


So a listing of new music added to my collection:

Xen Cuts – Ten Years of Zen, 3CD Ninja Tunes Compilation
Still working my way through this one. Lots of hip hop, and the like

Pink Panther’s Penthouse Party
What first caught my attention was the cover art. SHAG!
So I looked at the track listing…Pizzicato Five, Koop,
Fantastic Plastic Machine, a St. Germain rendition of the Pink Panther theme song.
Needless to say, this CD is very interesting :-)

Den of Thieves – The Sound of Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
(Compiled by The Thievery Corporation)
A nice mixture of loungey, housey, jazzy music

Erlend Oye – DJ Kicks
This was the one CD I was actually looking for yesterday.
I’d heard about this guy on KCRW, after hearing a track he’d
produced. It was a remix of Poor Leno with vocals dubbed on top.
It was Erlend Oye singing ‘There’s a Light that Never Goes Out.’
So I found the CD. It’s great stuff. Apparently Erlend Oye is
a “singing DJ.” Yes, he adds his own vocals to tracks while
he is spinning. After deciding his voice sounded very familiar
I did some research and found that yes, he does to the vocals
for several Royksopp tracks as well as Kings of Convenience.
Man, Norwegian musicians sure are incestuous!
He had an interesting monologue in the CD jacket. I now have a
lot of respect for him, and for now this is my favorite CD.

Too Drunk to Fuck


Since Erik went riding with Jesse and Pete today (my bike
is still in the shop after last weekend’s little adventure),
I chose to get some errands taken care of.

Some people hate errands.
To them errands = chores.

For me, errands = an excuse to get out of the house and be productive.
That, and errands = sunshine. I sure do love sunshine.

I didn’t manage to get my oil changed because I procrastinated
too much this morning and didn’t get out of the house until 11.
Probably because of the cake I ate for breakfast.

-Dropped off clothes at the dry cleaners.
-Looked for an ergonomic keyboard at PC Club, Circuit City, and CompUSA.
-Looked at laptops while at the above stores. Decided I’m gonna get an AMD laptop. Must research company called Averatec.
$999 for a slim amd athlon xpm laptop with builtin dvd/cdrw. *drool*
-Purchased coaster rugs for my desk at CompUSA. (Definitely much
cuter than the dirty blank CD I’ve been using).
-Walked over to Borders, purchased cd and bag of vanilla bean flavored coffee. (free mug of coffee with purchase of beans)
-Bought water and shampoo at SavOn.
-Filled car with gas ($2.09/g)
-Ate lunch buffet at Kamal Palace (mmmm curry).
-Walked over to Tower Records. Purchased several CD’s (to be listed in a later post). Found the CD I was looking for.
-Drove down to 2nd St. and attempted to visit Danl. He wasn’t there but his friend (Katina, I think) was, so I chilled with her
for a bit. Invited her out for Thursday night.
-Walked over to Fromex, dropped off film from Giant Rock. (to be picked up at 5pm).
-Walked down to Gap. Found a ‘gapdry’ tshirt. Looks more like a biking shirt, which is perfect.
-Stopped at Morry’s, bought a bottle of schlink huas (Reisling) and El Felino (Argentinian red wine).
-Drove down to Seal Beach to drop off my foldable bike for a tune up. Turns out
there was a car show on Main Street, so I’ll have to come back another time.
-Leows. Picked up some more potting soil, a pot, and “lemon thyme.” Smells so good :-)
-7-11. Collected my free lottery ticket and purchased a Dr. Pepper.

I am now drinking said Dr. Pepper to celebrate :-)

Some interesting quotes from today’s travels:

Mom to teenage girl: “Take that hood off, we’re not cholos”

Clerk: “You know you’re the reason we carry Schlink Haus”
Me: “I know, and I’ve certainly bought my share of it”
Clerk: “That’s right. We keep tabs on you.”
Clerk to 2nd Clerk: “Tie dye shirt, he’s here for the schlink”

Oh yeah, and Avenue D “2D2F.” Funny lyrics.
And yes, 2D2F = Too Drunk To Fuck.

I hate corporate america


I need a new job, stat!

They had the nerve to tell me to cancel my flight to NC.
When asked if refusing to do so would jeopardize my employment, they said yes.

Since I’d rather not be unemployed (and ineligible for unemployment insurance), I cancelled my flight.

I hated telling my grandparents, but they understood.

I’m really tired of this bullshit.
Why can’t they just treat me like a human being instead of a number?

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