funky sunday


So my roommate decided to throw a “funk party.”

At first I was intrigued, thinking it might be interesting.

Now, I almost feel like I’d rather be somewhere else.
Paul will be spinning for an hour or so, which will be nice.
His funk sets are always really nice. But the rest of the
day will be CD’s Brian picked up.

Brian invited a dozen or so people, but didn’t bother making
an invitation…and was quite selective of who he invited also.

It’s supposed to be themed as a funk party.

That being said, how does the following fit that theme?

Pork and Beans
Collard Greens
40oz malt liquer

I may not be all that familiar with the whole culture surrounding
funk, but I’ve never known those things to be associated with it.

I called Brian on that last night. Pointing out that he was merely
playing on stereotypes. I asked how KoolAid relates to funk.
Well, poor black people in the ghetto drink it.
So I guess funk to him equals poor black people.
So the theme of the party is “stereotypical poor black ghetto.”

This coming from the person that finds sanford and son genuinely funny
rather than acknowledging it as a satire. Why is it that Brian is so
amused by anything associated with black culture?

This also coming from someone who finds the term “wrinkly wetback” hilarious
despite the fact that it was made clear this offended someone else in the room.

I guess as time goes on, I’m finding myself less able to tolerate Brian’s
closed minded, “over inflated sense of self importance.”

Tres Leche


What I really wanted was Tres Leche ice cream.

Alas, Rite Aid, SavOn, and 7-11 were all lacking this flavor.

Guess that’s what I get for searching for ice cream after
working out at the gym. I think I’ll go nibble on an apple now.

Travel map


I guess it’s pretty obvious where I grew up, huh? 😉

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