Joshua Tree


This weekend was fun.
Both my body and my car took a beating.

My car is still full of camping supplies,
and my body wishes it was still in bed.

I can’t wait to upload the photos from
this weekend and see how they came out.

More details later…



Looks like I’ve finally completed the crossover into digital photography 😉
I hope my Canon EOS Rebel G doesn’t get jealous.

I don’t think I’ll retire it completely, slides are just SO vivid and fun to share.
That and I still have a half-dozen or so rolls of film laying around.

But I figure taking digital (photo-quality) pics is no different than slides
when it comes to prints. I still have to order (and pay for) prints to be made.

The plus with digital though, is being able to post them on the web.
With slides, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that digitizing them is impossible.
Even proffessionally scanned slides lose much of their detail, contrast, color.

So yeah…my new toy:



Our next stop on the tour of American kitsch is the Integratron.

and I will be spending yet another
weekend out in the desert, playing in Joshua Tree and the
surrounding area.

Apparently Landers is a pretty mysterious place.
UFO sightings, the world’s largest free-standing boulder,
on of the world’s largest orchid growers, Integratron,
earthquakes, train derailments, etc etc.

Now if only I can convince Erik to come along so we
can have the use of his Baja. There are a few places
I’d like to go that are only accessible by very sandy
roads, too sandy for my little car.



snake—–: I just pulled down everything on the walls of my room…I feel I should smoke a bowl to reward myself
i want chai: haa haa
i want chai: that’s right
i want chai: an excuse to smoke
snake—–: I try to never be without one heheh