i hate you windows xp


So apparently Windows XP Pro (or any version of XP
for that matter) does not support disk mirroring.

Guess I have to invest in an ATA RAID card.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Mikey>diskpart

Microsoft DiskPart version 1.0
Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: BADTZ

DISKPART> list disk

Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
——– ———- ——- ——- — —
Disk 0 Online 153 GB 32 KB *
Disk 1 Online 114 GB 0 B *

DISKPART> add disk 1

The command you selected is not available with this version of Windows.


My precious


Ah Tivo.
I did it, I finally gave in.
Now I will have more television than I will ever know what to do with.

The computer show was nice this weekend.
It’s fun going with Erik, watching him oogle all the gadgets :-)
I bought myself a new HD, finally.
So I’ll have one 160GB drive, 120 of which will be mirrored on my 120GB drive.
Go ahead and fail on me now stupid hard drive!!! 😛

I also bought a new monitor.
I’ve been lusting after LCD monitors for a while, so I gave in to that urge as well.
It’s nice to have a desk with lots of surface space again.

The downside, I’m a bit more broke than I’d like to be…oh well.
Sacrifices, I suppose.
Good thing Erik and I went grocery shopping last week.
Wild Oats is my new favorite grocery store, methinks :-)

We also bought picture frames.
Many new photos will be up on the wall.

This is another shortened work week.
Party at our place on NYE (2004 @ 1941).
Joplin mentioned she bring records.
Erik is letting Paul play the first record of 2004 :-)

so much for that


I was really looking forward to it.
His phone died, and didn’t know my number.
He drove around for hours, tried tracking me down.
He even found his way into my building and up to my desk.
Alas, I’d given up about 30 minutes before he showed up.

I was worried he got in an accident or something.
It’s not like him not to call.

He’s on his way home now.
I’m glad he’s safe.

As silly as it sounds, I feel sad and disappointed.
It was just dinner, but it was a really nice thought.
He’d caught me offguard.
In a way that made me smile.

Oh well.

Exploding Dog!


Okay, so I rarely do quizes but I just HAD to do this one:

What Exploding Dog Art Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

I’ve got a dinner date!


Kind of nice to know that something like this
still makes me feel somewhat giddy…

Dance—: hey
Dance—: lets do dinner this eve
Dance—: i’ll find a place and call you latah

So Graham Norton


I was given all 4 tickets I requested.
So we’ll be taking the Metro up to Hollywood, chowin’ on some
chicken and waffles at ‘Scoes and then walking over to the studio.

Tis a bummer though: no hats, sequins, or white shirts. 😛

Sorry for the late notice. IMPORTANT: Please note that the
Saturday, Dec. 20th Show is a special show with an earlier time for arrival
than the weekday shows. We’ll see you at the show. This confirmation
increases your original assignment of two tickets to the four you requested.

Please email us immediately if you are not able to attend or
if your entire party will not be in attendance. As this is a TV audience it
is important that we have bodies in the seats. If you are confirmed to
attend and do not show up, we will be forced to remove you from our list
about free television events. Thank you.

Congratulations! CONFIRMATION FOR Michael Muniz for SHOW 6
– 4 tickets

You and your 3 guests are confirmed to attend V GRAHAM
NORTON – SHOW 6 being
filmed for Channel 4. V GRAHAM NORTON is taking place on
SATURDAY, December
20th, 2003 at 5:45 PM. Your tickets will be held under your
name on our guest list.
We are looking forward to an amazing show with fabulous

The show is being filmed LIVE in LOS ANGELES at:
STAGE 9 – TRIBUNE STUDIOS (Corner of Bronson Avenue and
Sunset Boulevard)
SUNSET BOULEVARD. (Tribune Studios’s official address is 5800 Sunset Blvd.)
(FREE studio parking is available — see below for details)

Doors will open for the show at 4:30 PM and you must be on
line by 5:00 PM.
The doors to the studio will close promptly at 5:20 PM. Your
name will be
on our list. An audience assistant will check you in once
you have entered
the BRONSON GATE. The show will last from 5:45 PM to 8:00 PM
at latest
and the doors to the studio will remain closed throughout
the show. We
have arranged for parking in the Producers LOT A – a Tribune
Studio parking
lot conveniently located at the northwest corner of Bronson
and Sunset.

The creative producers of the V Graham Norton show may be
contacting you to do some audience research for the show either by email or
phone. We appreciate any and all responses. You will help us to make the
shows in Los Angeles unique.

PLEASE BE ON TIME. Seating is on a first come, first served
basis. You must stay with us for the entire taping, which will end no later
than 8:00 PM. The audience is a really important aspect of the show. Please
remember you will be on camera — Absolutely NO WHITE and no sequin clothing
and no hats or large logos. Please try to avoid bringing large bags or
briefcases since there is no coat check and it will slow down the load-in
process. Security will check you in as you enter the studio. ABSOLUTELY NO
CAMERAS OR RECORDING DEVICES. Please make sure your guest is aware of the
dress code. Thank you in advance for following the studio rules.

There is no late admission to or early exit from the studio.

Come prepared to laugh and to see why GRAHAM NORTON is
considered one of
the funniest men in Britain. See you at the show.

EMAIL: grahamnorton@broadwayvideo.com—

Weekend with JuJu: kabobs, hairdye, sushi, hookahs


What a weekend.

Friday was spent dealing with my teeth.
Drove to LA in the morning, had my springs and wires removed.
Drove back down to LB to get my teeth cleaned.
Turns out I had one cavity, and though they wanted me to come back
I was able to convince them to take care of it on the spot.
Total dentist bill: $120
Got my haircut.
Something a bit different.
I like it.
Dropped off film from the AZ RoadTrip.
Drove back to LA to get the wires and springs put back in.
But turns out I’m done with the springs.
That made me so happy. I HATED those fucking springs.
So now I’m back to normal braces.

Picked up and headed back down to LB
after an hour or so of loafing and smoking.

Ate at the Pyramid Cafe.
Not bad.
Kabobs were tasty.
So was the baklava.

Walked over to the “afterschool special.”
Basically the club on campus at CSULB.
Joplin, Drue, Zack, et al were spinning and it was free.
A few hours of ass shakin’ and beer drinking and then we stumbled home.
No chicken flavoured soup, but the cappacino was nice and hot.

Ran some errands, ate Kamal buffet, tried to look for a geocache, and we dyed our hair.
I’m happy with how mine came out, though I might add some more red. We’ll see.
Looked at the slides from AZ.
The Sedona pics were pretty.
I got a few prints from the Reno trip. Now I just need frames.
Sushi for Brian’s b-day was fun.
I used to HATE sushi, now I quite enjoy it.
We sank two boats, nearly 200 pieces.
I was disappointed that people didn’t hang around afterwords, but oh well.

Tangerine mimosas = YUMMY.
Tried to look for another geocache, but the first clue was waterlogged.
It was just as well. It was too rainy to wander around anyways
Bought some pants at Ross.
Found it disturbing that some hispanic dude was chilling in the front
with his hand in his pocket wackin off.
Walked over to Aladdin’s on Pine Ave.
So much tasty food followed by hookah smoking, very nice.
Hookah smoking in the rain seemed rather perfect.

Now it’s Monday morning.
But that’s okay…after a weekend like this, I feel ready to start
my week knowing the next weekend is just a few days away.



You are Oniji Tankobo. You have notable red hair and always like to black hand contestants with your buddy Strong Kanegou.

Which Takeshi’s Castle Character are you?

I guess that makes me a humbug


After much thought, I’ve decided NOT to celebrate Christmas this year.

It only seems right.
At first I was thinking about how my finances will be pretty strapped
this year as a result of my consulting and not getting paid for holidays.

Then I started questioning why I celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is a Christian holiday, albeit few celbrate it for this reason.

I’ve long since decided that I don’t beleive in “God” and certainly don’t follow
the teachings of any organized religions.

Plus, Christmas was a fabricated holiday anyways. If anything, it’s the Pagan
holiday Saturnalia.

And yanno, I don’t need a holiday to use as an excuse to do nice things for people.
Those that are close to me know that I give “gifts” fairly often and randomly.
Kind of like “I saw this and thought of you” sort of thing.
I hate feeling obligated to buy presents for people.
Even worse, I hate when people say “This is what I want for Christmas” and expect you
to buy them what they want.

Anyways, I hope anyone that reads this understand where I’m coming from.

Sometimes things just work out perfectly


I tried to make an appointment for a haircut on Friday,
but found out the only time Michelle was available was at 10,
which conflicts with my dentist appointment.

Turns out, I wrote down my dental appointment wrong.
It’s at 10:30, not 10.

So Friday will be a productive day! :-)

8:15am Orthodontist appointment to remove braces
10:00am Haircut
10:30am Dentist appointment to get teeth cleaned
1:40am Orthodontist appointment to put braces back on

$100 later, I’ll have clean teeth and manageable hair. 😉

Whenever that’s done, I get to collect .

Look for a cache or two.

7:00pm Free event at CSULB, Joplin is spinning woohoo!

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