Traffic-less Monday


The best thing about a short holiday week is less traffic.
Fewer cars on the road makes me happy.
My commute today was 20 minutes, rather than the usual hour.
I chose the freeway route today simply because I knew there’d be fewer cars.

The weekend was nice.
I missed out on the Indian culture festival at USC.
I wasn’t too set on it, but still seemed frustrating that the people I
made plans with to drive up to LA all backed out.

One of them redeemed himself by calling me at 7pm to say he was still interested
in the loft party later. So my Saturday evening ended up being quite fun.

I went out with Brian, Mick, and Erik to Carolina’s in Orange.
Brian brags about how great the food is there.
It was mediocre Italian food, in my opinion.
The pasta was undercooked, and the sauce had meat in it (despite lacking
that description on the menu).
The chicken and eggplant was okay, but hardly amazing.
I guess growing up in an Italian family tends to raise one’s standards.
OK Italian food isn’t worth ranting and raving.
It has to be REALLY good.
I’m actually looking forward to going to The Stinking Rose with one of these days.
I hear their food is quite good, and full of garlic :-)

I get home, shower, and head out the door with Danl to this loft party in East LA.
Ran into a few familiar faces, showed some support for Joplin, and was wow’ed
by Seth’s dj skills. I’ve always seen him dancing at deLay, but have never known him
to spin. He spun Smells Like Teen Spirit, all distorted and a mix
of Tracey in my Room which I’d never heard before…must find out which R&B
track was dubbed over it.
I dig watching a dj get down behind the decks.
Cuz yanno…they ought to enjoy the music too, right?

Afterwords, Danl sailed me home in the boat and I slept till 10.

Sunday, pretty uneventful.
Organized more CD’s.
Resurrected a CD book.
Downloaded information for our trip to AZ.
Loaded up information for the trip on my laptop.

Oh, and the two episodes of Simpsons last night
were damn funny. Penguins can fly. Who woulda thunk?



So I’ve been shopping at this local music store lately.
They have a great selection of music, particularly
in used CD format. I’ve scored quite a few great CD’s
lately for only $8.99. The great thing about buying
them used is I find myself more likely to take risks
with artists I’ve not heard of before. I think my best
success in that lately has been Purple Penguin.
GREAT music.
Downtempo-ish breaks.

I started going through all of my old CD’s recently and
put aside a stack of about 30 or so that I haven’t listened
to in ages (some of which I’m even embarrassed to own).

I brought them in, figuring I could at least get a couple
bucks for credit towards the purchase of more music.

Turns out they gave me $103 towards my purchase.
I was pretty surprised.

So todays plundring of the used CD bins yielded:

H_Foundation “Environments”
Vikter Duplaix “International Affairs v2.0”
Rinocerose “Music Kills Me”
Uber Zone “Faith in the Future”
Underworld “Pearl’s Girl”
“Disco Spectrum” original disco tracks compiled by Joey Negro
Pizzicato 5 “Happy End of You, remix album” (replaces the copy I lost years ago)
“The Rebirth of Cool” a compilation of jazz/blues type chill music.

And the new Mr. Scruff single, “Giffon.”
I REALLY dig the Speechless remix.

New music rocks.

Snow covered surf


I’ve started taking a new route to work.

Instead of taking the 405 South to the 73 South and exiting MacArthur,
I now take the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Avocado.

I find myself less stressed.
It could be due to less traffic.
It could also be due to the scenery.

Either way, it takes less time (ironically) and I enjoy
watching the ocean as I commute to work.

The air was rather clear this morning to.
I looked to the North and could see the
San Gabriel Mountains covered with snow.
SNOW!!! :)

tasty cookies


I just ate a couple cookies i packed as a snack.

I’m glad I decided to bake them last night.
It mostly started as an effort to stay warm
(and out of trouble online).

I softened the butter this time in a sink full of warm water.
That is a neat trick I will need to repeat in the future.

I also used an electric blender to cream the sugar/butter
and to beat in the egg whites.

The cookie dough was so fluffy and smooth. I wanted to
just consume the whole mixing bowl with a spoon.

The end result: soft cookies.
Too bad I didn’t have real chocolate chips though, the mini
M&M’s don’t quite taste as good as Ghiradelli.

Oh, yesterday’s lunch was rather nice I’d forgotten.
I ate at Z Pizza on PCH in Corona del Mar.
I sat at the counter in front of the window watching the people
at the florist across the parking lot unload HUGE piles of
flowers and quickly turn them into amazing arrangements.
Nice lunchtime entertainment.

Fuck you curry


So I was excited about heading down
to the Home Finding Center today
for work because it meant I could
stop and have lunch at the India
Cook House along the way.

But alas, they are repairing their
kitchen and will be closed for 4 or 5 days.

So onward to the Thai buffet in
Lake Forest.
Except no buffet. :-(

sokay…their food is tasty, but I
denied their curry the privelage of
being eaten.



Monday Ponderings


It’s very cold in my office.
I need to remember to reclaim my jacket from Brian.
I’m a bit nervous to do so though, for fear it might piss him off.
I suspect he’s convinced that I’m to blame for the window in his car.
There’s no way I could have caused that damage, but I don’t think
he beleives me. He’s been acting very strange towards me ever since.

The new amp is installed.
No more on, off, on, off, on, off.
The drive to work was really nice.
I can very easily forget about traffic if listening to music.

My cd duplication project is coming along nicely.
So far I’ve created duplicate copies of 75 CD’s.
There are still a lot to go, but at least it seems
like a small dent has been made. Almost time to buy
a new spindle!!!

I bought some more CD’s yesterday at Fingerprints.
That is becoming a regular occurance. But why not?
Used CD’s at $9 that are in perfect condition?

Oh, and I’m disappointed by the Basement Jaxx CD.
One or two really good tracks, but the rest left
much to be desired.

I’m debating another tattoo.
For that I blame .
Something Edward Gorey themed, I think.
More research is needed on that.

Time to be selfish


After paying for 4 out of 5 tickets for the Matrix IMAX last night,
I’ve decided it’s time for me to start being selfish when it comes
to my finances.

I feel I’m generally very generous when it comes to that.
If it means a good time will be had by all, gladly I’ll foot the bill.
Anytime I can, I usually do.

But I guess I’ve started to wish that was reciprocated.
I mean, everyone has their own financial binds and I understand that.
But there was one other person that should have been capable of paying
me back last night, and I’ll I got was a high 5. Perhaps she ASSUMED
I was paying for the evening?

I dunno.

This is something I started pondering after I had to pay for my own
birthday dinner. Which I didn’t mind, but wouldn’t you think if I
was being taken out for my birthday by friends, they’d cover my dinner?
That’s always been the unspoken rule at birthday dinners.

So yeah, time to start looking out for myself dammit.
I don’t like struggling with bills, and I don’t like that my goals
seem unattainable (Canon EOS Digital Rebel, Treo 300, etc)



People are lame.
I’m doing my daily spam monitoring and find the following message in the spam box.
I can’t beleive people are seriously disturbed by this “new” feature.
Yahoo maps has been around for YEARS.
All one needs to do is look you up in the phone book and plug in your address.
It’s not like Google is giving away information that isn’t already
publicly available via directory assistance.

(pasted email below)

From: Nancie
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 6:00 PM
To: XX
Subject: Google is giving directions to your home

I rarely do mass emails but this one seriously isn’t a hoax, I just looked
up my phone number on google and saw my name and home address with a link to
click for directions. It didn’t list my work or cell numbers but you might
want to check yours.

The following is copied from my friend Beth’s email:

Google has implemented a new feature wherein you can type someone’s
telephone number into the search bar and hit enter and you will get the name
of who is at that telephone number. Then if you click on Mapquest you will
be given a map to their house. Before forwarding this, I tested it by typing
my telephone number in My address came up, and when I clicked on
the MapQuest link, it actually mapped out where I live.

Please Look up your own number. Read below for details. Think about it–if a
child, single person, ANYONE gives out his/her phone number, someone can
actually now look it up to find out where he/she lives. The safety issues
are obvious, and alarming. This is not a hoax; In order to test whether your
phone number is mapped, go to:

Type your phone number in the search bar with dashes (i.e.,555-555-1212) and
hit enter. This will divulge your name and address. You will see a link
option to the right for Yahoo Maps or Mapquest, which will use the address
to provide a map to your home or place of business. If you want to BLOCK
Google from divulging your private information, simply Click on the
telephone icon next to your phone number. If you want to remove your
telephone number, it takes 48-hours. If you are unlisted in the phone book,
you might not be in there, but it is a good idea just to check. You might
want to forward this on to friends and family.

For one little step left out if you didn’t follow the procedures to remove
Click the phone icon next to your name, telephone number and address. In
the right hand corner you will see “To have your residential or business
phone and address information removed from the Google PhoneBook,
click here.”



Hmm…I just realized I don’t have any Tori Amos CD’s in my car currently.
I need to change that.

Cool On Your Island

What Tori Amos Song Are You?
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