new moon deserting


ah…another nice weekend in the desert.
I’m nearly home now.
slept for a few hours, sadly missing much of joplin’s set.

box canyon is so beautiful!

now I just can’t wait for the pool!

my face feels burnt.
my nose feels dry.
my legs are dusty.
the sky is full of smoke.
so many fires!!!
there was ash falling from the
sky yesterday in long beach.
like snow.

the best part is: erik came along this weekend.
i’ve missed having him out in the desert with me.

I wish verichat would work :(

I finally finished my quad iced mocha….bzzzzzzzz

Time flies when you’re having fun


I can’t beleive it is already Tuesday night.

This week is going by fast.

I had a nice weekend.
Bouldardash with friends on Saturday night.
I finally got around to mapping out next weekend’s trip:
Sunday spent wandering around Chinatown.
Damn that chinaman for selling me a meat bun when
I expected it to be flavored with taro!

OH! Arts & Crafts too! I painted foam tomatoes!
Frieda helped me work on my burrito costume.
Damn. I’m excited. It’s gonna rock.
The only one that stands a chance at beating
me in the costume contest at Delay next Thursday
would be my partner in crime…the taco.

Speaking of which, I just located the materials
for her corn tortilla taco shell. I <3! So is busy. busy. busy.busy. Amazing how they keep trying to add more and more daily tasks to my plate. Job security I suppose, but damn I barely have time to breath let alone take a piss ore eat lunch. So far this month, I have closed more tickets than anyone else on our team. I don't mind the tickets, and I don't mind the daily tasks...I just hate that it's so hard to keep up. And I can't delegate work back to anyone else, because they're equally busy with other things. My contract expires again on 11/14, so they better offer me something good. They need me. Time for bed. I'm worn out. Exhausted. And my toe itches.

What a week!


Man…I haven’t updated in FOREVER…HAH!
Well, at least it feels that way.

This week has been nuts.
My days, so busy.

I’ve been given a few projects to work on.
The most challenging being remote site backups.
Challenging mostly because I have to rely on
users that can’t manage to put the right tape
in on the right day. *sigh*

I’m very tired too.
Didn’t get to bed until 3:30 last night.
But it was worth it…Mr. Scruff!!!
So much funk.

I need to pick up cat food.
And yes, I’ll most likely buy it at Ralph’s.
I’ll be damned if I let their stupid labor dispute
interfere with my life. No one can force me to
boycott a store in show of support for a cause I’m
not entirely behind.

That’s enough on that topic…my roommate already
is pretty pissed off with me for my anti-union

Time to go home!

Hunter Moon


I’d have to say, this past Moontribe was one of the
best I’ve been to.

The only thing I would have changed about it would
be having Erik there. Especially since the location
they used was where Erik took me to my first moontribe
two years ago. It would have been really nice to have
him there.

Everything they say about the ‘weekend vibe’ is true.
Everyone seemed so damn happy to be out there.
Partying, Dancing, Smiling under the light of the moon.

I was disappointed by the shrooms, but had an amazing
time nonetheless. I’ll just have to try again sometime!

We took many walks and shared many conversations.
My favorite revolving around forced evolution.
We got to meet one of our friendsters (Christopher).
He’s pretty cool, has a good taste in music!
Let me borrow the Avelanches cd. Me like!



Copy/Pasted from the front page of The Irvine Company’s intranet…

Posted 9/25/2003 (front page story)

Think Jedi Knight light saber.
That’s what Chuck Trevisan was thinking when he came up with the design for the 80-foot-tall obelisk that stands in front of Irvine Spectrum Center.

Initially, Chuck envisioned a design that could be internally illuminated. But he was a little ahead of his time. In 1995, when the obelisk was being built, technology wouldn’t allow that.

And since the obelisk also serves as a cellular phone tower, the obelisk’s design couldn’t incorporate a lot of metal — that would have hampered satellite reception.

The obelisk’s outer fiberglass covering actually is compatible with radio frequency waves, said Chuck, TIC’s vice president of retail architecture and planning.

Most obelisks have four sides, but the Spectrum obelisk has three. A four-sided obelisk would have limited the amount of surface space per side for the cell antennas, which required certain dimensions.

To increase nighttime visibility, raised circles were molded into the fiberglass covering, making it more reflective in the dark. Without the raised circles, the Irvine Spectrum obelisk would glare when the lights are shone on it after sundown.

This pattern of small circles makes the structure ideal for reflecting light from the 12 high-powered lights aimed at it every night — four lights are pointed at each of the obelisk’s three sides.

The raised circles also prevent the fiberglass panels from warping — something fiberglass panels tend to do.

Korma goodness


I’m eating my leftover dinner from last night.
So spicey, so tasty.

Last night Danielle and I made such an amazingly tasty dinner.
An impromptu one even.
Some of this, some of that.
Tofu/Vegetable Korma over fluffy basmati rice with almonds.

All of my stress from earlier is lifted.
This food is re-energizing me.

As busy as I have been today, I keep getting more work assigned
to me. I would gladly get it all done using overtime, but I’m
too busy after work to have time for that. I certainly could use
the extra $$$, but alas…social life takes priority I suppose.

Tonight I’m taking Erik to see James Taylor at the Greek Theatre.
Not music I’m really crazy about, but he really digs JT so that
makes it worthwhile to me. :-)

Tomorrow night is Moontribe. One more day!!!!
I’m excited…I even managed to secure some shroomy shrooms.
I still can’t beleive this will be my first time shrooming.
With as much as I’ve done…you’d think I woulda tried them by now!

mmm…back to lunch.



Fuckity fuck!

Arnold is now our governor.
As usual, the rest of the country looks at California
and laughs “silly californians.”

At least prop 54 was shot down.

It’s a shame, I wish people would vote for who they
truly beleived in…rather than just following the masses.
The whole “well, he has the best chance” is lame.

I voted No/Comejo. I knew there was no chance he’d win.
But at least I don’t feel like I sold out my vote.

But hey,
Gary Coleman got 12,000 votes!

You mean there are Conservative Republicans in Orange County???



I have heard so many Davis bashing comments fly around the office.
People talking about shooting him with crossbows.
Heralding Arnold as the best choice, but only because McClintock
doesn’t have a chance.
Most people around here would rather see McClintock as governor.


I’m glad nobody asked my view.
I’d probably be one of the few that disagreed with them.

I got a glimpse of Shady Canyon Golf Club today.
Apparently Mark McGuire and Kobe live there, among others.
$150,000 to join.
All owned by The Irvine Company.
I got to fix their Point of Sale server. Oh Boy! 😛

Lunar ponderings


The moon is nearly growing larger every night.
I look to the sky and see it 3/4 full.
5 more days until the Full Hunter’s Moon.
5 more days until I will be in the desert.
5 more days until the moon will cast my shadow across the desert floor.

In the meantime…I’m off to watch movies and have drinks
over at Danl’s place.

Keep away from the trout


Trout are very valuable
and immensely powerful.

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