Napkin Pteradactyls


Despite the mild hangover (hangovers are for pussies),
I’m in a very pleasant mood this morning.

Last Night:
Cooking with Danielle (so much Risotto).
Good wine.
South Park (the brown note).
Garlic and Rosemary (my hands still smell of garlic).
Friends (JP, Anthony, Justin, Danielle).
Funk (Natural Aphrodisiacs).
More Friends (Bianka, Danl, Lisa).

I had a good time last night, surrounded by great
people in great environments. I have a newfound
respect for Anthony, he’s got cocktail napkin
origami skills. Oh yeah, and the disappearing
candle trick. Wow.

Ah, and if there was any bit of doubt left as to
his level of interest…the record was definitely
set straight last night…grrrrr 😉



Okay, so working in OC isn’t so bad after all.
I am about 15-20 minutes away from India Cook
House. Close sister to Kamal Palace. Their
buffets are nearly identical. I ate so much!
I even pulled an Erik and came back with a
few small red spots on my shirt!!! 😛

So I started making CD’s for Anthony. I’m
having a lot more fun than I thought I would
with this project. It has given me the oportunity
to rediscover all the bands I used to listen to
back in the old days! :-)

Today has been very busy. They finally got me
hooked up in the system so that I can be assigned
trouble tickets and they even delegated a few
larger projects to me. Oh boy, I’m gonna be
busy for the next two months, er month and a half!

That’s another thing…I wonder what the long
term potential is? There’s been mention of me
only being here temporarily so use me as much as
possible for the next two months. But then someone
also said something about the fact that I’ll probably
be kept here longer.

Ah well…I’m honestly cool with whichever :-)

Boo on the DEA



House Votes to Continue Attacks on Patients
Amendment to End DEA Medical Marijuana Raids Defeated, 152-273
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. House of Representatives voted today to allow the Bush administration’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to continue raiding and arresting seriously ill medical marijuana patients and caregivers in states that allow the medical use of marijuana. Nevertheless, patients and advocates were cheered by the growth in the number of congressional allies since the last House vote on medical marijuana in 1998 — and by the fact that more than two thirds of House Democrats voted to protect patients. The overall vote was 152 in favor, 273 opposed, and 10 not voting.

Today’s vote came on an amendment to the Commerce-Justice-State Appropriations bill introduced by U.S. Reps. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). The amendment would have barred the Justice Department, including the DEA, from spending any money to raid or arrest medical marijuana patients and providers in states that have eliminated or reduced penalties for medical use of marijuana: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

“By defeating this amendment, the House today guaranteed that patients battling cancer, AIDS, MS, and other terrible illnesses who find relief from medical marijuana will continue to be rousted out of their beds by armed DEA agents, arrested, handcuffed, and jailed,” said Steve Fox, director of government relations for the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington, D.C. “This will happen even in states where the voters or state legislators have acted to protect patients from just this sort of cruelty and violence.

“It is particularly shocking that only 15 Republicans — who regularly advocate for states’ rights and reduced federal power — voted to end the DEA’s attacks on the sick,” Fox continued. “Nevertheless, the 152 votes in favor or protecting patients represent a 62% increase over the last House vote on medical marijuana, so we’ve made major progress. We are encouraged that more than two thirds of Democrats voted to protect patients.”

In 1998, the House passed a resolution condemning state medical marijuana laws by a vote of 311-94.

Treo revisited…


Okay, so I find myself wishing I hadn’t signed up with TMobile.
Turns out Sprint offers a similar service, only with the
Treo 300 instead of the Treo 270.

There aren’t many new features included in the new version, but
I bet it is a bit more stable…plus it is capable of using
polyphonic ringtones. You know…it can play full midi tracks
instead of just a series of beeps. I found this utility that
can convert wav and mp3’s into midis suitable to use as ringtones.
Sadly, that won’t work on my phone…oh yeah, and there’s this
Mr. Scruff ringtone I found recently…

So yeah, I think I’m going to take advantage of that 14-day trial
loophole and return the phone. Is that going to far I wonder?
heh heh

ah well…back to sorting through spam mail. My new daily task
at the Irvine Company is sorting through their Spam Keywords mailbox.
Basically anything that matches their keywords filter gets dumped
there. They haven’t had time lately, so I started yesterday afternoon
with a week’s worth of emails. 10,000 messages! Everything from
credit cards, to mortgage, to penis enlargement, even a Nigerian email
scam! Oh boy!

heh heh

Today’s Fortune


So I spent 20 minutes searching for somewhere to eat lunch again today.
The Indian restaurant I was looking for is no longer there. DOH!
I settled for greasy Chinese food that tasted good at the time.
Maybe I was just very hungry.

I’m greeted with this fortune:

I thought about what’s been going on lately and how I’ve been feeling
about certain situations and thought maybe there was some truth to that.
Turns out, there WAS some truth there…particularly regarding this.

Things make a little more sense now. Turns out I was misinterpreting things.
I feel better. Releived.
Kind of funny…this is what I remember dating being like.
That anxious feeling.
Always wondering what the other person thinks of you.
Worrying that the other person might not like you anymore.
I’m okay with the way things are happening…I just need a little reassurance from time to time.

Golden Mantella


So today I feel very proffessional.
At least in comparison to yesterday.
My shirt sleeves aren’t too short.
My shirt isn’t too tight.
My pants aren’t too short.

I could almost say I feel like a million bucks!

Oh yeah, and the treefrogs on my tie help.
I did some further investigation and apparently
I’ve helped protect a total of 15 square miles
of Latin American rainforest. Nice.

I slept well last night, thanks to the nightswimming.
The bedroom also managed to cool down nicely
The drive to work was fairly easy today.
A total of 25 minutes. I like that.

All things considered, I’m in a pretty damn good mood.
I’m sure that will change by days end, but at least I’m
off to a good start!

indie rock


Not sure why, but out of the blue
I pulled out Versus “Hurrah”
yesterday for the drive up to
the Tofu Festival. I listened to it
again this morning, with more
volume. I got chills at some
points. I’d forgotten how much
that kind of music effected me.

I think I might take a break from
electronic music for a while. Or
at least put it on the back burner.
Emotionally, indie rock is much
more appealing to me. Plus I miss
that rush of excitement and
happiness I always felt when going
to live performances. The only
down side is that most of the bands
I like have broken up. Guess I’ll just
have to track down their solo
projects. Or *gasp* discover
some new bands. I’m sure that’s
something Anthony could help me with.

lost interest?


I’m starting to get the feeling
that he’s lost interest. I should
be fine with that, since he’s
become a great friend over the
last few weeks. I should
be thankful for the chance to
have a bit of fun. But still,
I find myself wishing there
could be more.

I can say that I’m happy to have
gotten to know him better. He’s
a swell friend that digs my friends.
That makes including him in activities
fun and easy :-)

Oh yeah, and there’s still that camping
trip out to the sand dunes to look at
shooting stars…

Ah well, back to the drawing board,
I suppose.



I had a nice weekend.

Friday night was spent at home relaxing
and tinkering with my Treo. I think
I’ve finally gotten it customized and
configured in a way that I’m happy with.

Saturday’s activities included lunch with
Justin while Erik setup sound equipment at
Ervin’s, helping Danl move to his new place
in Belmont Shores, and then helping Ervin
break in his new house with a party.

I drank a bit too much, but not nearly as
much as some other people. I had some
good conversations, and even got an
amazing shoulder massage. mmmmmm :-)

Sunday was spent consuming mass quantities
of Tofu with Erik, Anthony, and Danielle.
Where? At the LA Tofu Festival of course!
I was amazed by the various ways tofu was
prepared. Although I was fairly disappointed
by Iron Chef Miromoto’s Spicy Tofu Bowl.
The tofu was all gelatinous. Blech.

After that we killed some time before
visiting JP. Apparently Jamba Juice and
Robeck’s Juice are very different…and
the concept of closing on the weekend
escapes me. JP’s place is nice. It was
good to finally head over there, since I
think we disappointed him by not stopping
over after the park party last weekend.

He broke out the Hookah while I flipped
through Supermarket. I really like
this book. It combines three things I
really love: road trips, photography and
the Southern California desert. What a
fun book that must have been to put

So yeah…good weekend.



I need to get laid.
I thought things might be improving but I’ve started becoming frustrated again.
At least it’s not getting me down like it was before.
Now it’s just a matter of dealing with wanting something that’s not gonna happen.
Maybe it is time to have that conversation again?
After all, communication is the key right?
I just hate feeling like I’m complaining.
He always takes it to mean that he’s a bad boyfriend.
In this regard, maybe he is.
But that doesn’t mean I think he’s a bad boyfriend.

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