Master of the Universe


I defeated you Space Commander.
I conquered the universe.

All will bask in the glory of the penguin.

I <3 my Treo. Now I may go to sleep...knowing the universe belongs to me.



This morning was quite a struggle getting out of bed.
It was worth it though, methinks.

I had a great time last night at Delay…surrounded
by great people :-)

I do wish I was less stoned though. I guess I didn’t
quite realize how low my tolerance has become now
that I don’t smoke very often. I found myself unable
to converse very well when first arriving…and almost
didn’t recognize Jason.

So yeah…I need to learn how to pass on the rotation.

I wish we would have gotten there a little earlier so
I could have heard Joplin spin, but there certainly
wasn’t a lack of good music to dance to. I’m excited
for there to be a good local weekly.
And it’s in a ballroom.

Anthony and I had our first adventure at the gym last
night. It seemed to go well, though we didn’t go
through the full ruitine due to time.
Thursday will be better.
It’s nice to have a workout partner again.
I need to be disciplined and keep this up as I’ve
become very dissatisfied with my physique lately.

I’m sure eating out twice a day doesn’t help either.
I need to change that…time to start brown bagging lunch!

Okay…back to sorting through spam.

Subtle touches


Interestingly I always find subtle touches
the most amazing form of showing affection.

Hugs are great too…but there’s something
about that tingly feeling you get from the
slight touch, arms brushing against each
other…it just feels so…comfortable :-)

Today should be Monday


I feel about as frustrated as I normally do on
a typical Monday. So many things are not going
my way today. I want to just go back to bed!!!

While installing a new RAID controller in this
one server I installed last week, I discovered
it was unstable and required a brand new
installation of Win2k Adv. Server. That’s fine,
except I couldn’t get the stupid server to boot
off the CDROM. I *HATE* Compaq. The Irvine
Company is 100% HP/Compaq. BLEH. So I take the
time to make the boot disks. Two hours later I’m
finally in Windows and downloading service packs.


In the meantime I call my 401k company. I figured
I could cash that out to fund my hard drive recovery.
I submitted the form yesterday. I call today and find
out my forms will not be proccessed because they are
incomplete. I try explaining that it is impossible for
me to obtain “plan administrator” signatures since
the company is no longer in business. Apparently they
never notified the 401k company, and they insist there
is nothing they can do until they hear from iNetNow.

So the total tally for money being held hostage by
financial institutions: $1284

Even lunch sucked. I don’t understand how “wheat”
sounds like “cibatta.”

My phone has been crashing a lot today. Apparently any
time it can’t obtain an internet connection, it decides
to reset itself. I’m starting to second guess my
decision to switch to Sprint. I mean, I can’t even
send SMS messages. WTF? I can receive them, but can’t
reply…what good is that???

I hate banks #2


So we had lunch at Paru’s on Sunday.
I charge half of the bill ($30) to my
check card. I add $10 for the tip.
I assume everything is fine and continue
my day.

Turns out they submitted two authorizations
for $30. The transaction clears at $40,
as it should have, but the authorizations

I walk in to Wescom today to dispute them.
They insist they can not reverse them
since they were authorizations. I explained
that not only did the double-authorize, but
the transaction in question has already
cleared!!! They insist the only thing I
can do is wait until they expire (tomorrow)
and if they clear as transactions, THEN I can
dispute it.

What if a check posts in the meantime?
It will be returned (NSF).
Will Wescom charge a fee?
Yes, but if I feel that I shouldn’t be
held responsible, I can always dispute
it after the fact.

So basically, I have to suffer because
of some idiot’s error?
“Unfortunately, yes.” she says.

So that makes a total of $384 that I
own, but can’t use because it is floating
off in limbo somewhere.

I seriously feel like breaking something.

I hate banks


I’ve always beleived that banks were evil
institutions. In this day and age of
modern technology, why does it take several
days to proccess a refund?

So I returned my phone to the T-Mobile
store yesterday at noon. The guy swiped
my bank card and I signed a refund receipt
for about $324.

As of right now, that still hasn’t posted
to my account. I called the store, and
he says it should post within 24 hours of
the transaction. I called Redpoint Wireless’
main office and they said they don’t know
how long it takes to post. I call my bank
and they say something like this could
take 3-4 business days.


I returned the product.
They accepted the product back for x amount of dollars.
They still have my money.


I’m *so* tempted to go back to NOT having
a bank account. I hate the whole notion of having
your funds off in limbo for days at a time.

Just another manic monday


Ah yes…back to work.

All in all, I had a good weekend.
Saturday evening was spent with David and Danl.
It’s nice to be able to visit Danl now. Since
returning from Chicago he’d been staying on
our couch, so it’s very nice to visit and see
him truly feel at home.

Smoky treats.
ColdStone Creamery.
Clove cigarettes.
Capt. Morgan & Dr. Pepper.

Fun times!

I returned home and had a painful discussion with Erik
about the state of affairs. I think we reached an
understanding, and I feel optimistic about things.
It’s a tough situation, but we’ve been together for
more than two years now…neither of us is willing
to throw that away.

Sunday was spent doing yoga at Mobius with Glenn,
Erik, and a few other people whose names I’ve since
forgotten. It was a good variety of strenuous
activity and calming meditative chants. Afterwords
we went out for Indian food (by Erik’s suggestion).
I’d forgotten how much I liked Paru’s. South Indian
is nice to have once in a while for a change.
AND we got to sit at the one table I’ve always wanted
to have but is always occupied. It was nice.

Oh yes, and lots of swimming. I <3 my pool.

Hand holding…


holding hands
hand holding – you like to be in constant physical
contact with your special someone but you don’t
want to take things too quickly.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla



Okay, so the one thing I feared the most about
keeping an online journal has happened. Erik
checked it out and read through my past entries.

Things were taken out of context.
Words caused pain, hurt, humiliation.
I guess certain things shouldn’t be shared.
Certain things are better left unsaid.
But even things said jokingly are cause for
suspicion (as in “who is chuck, and what did
you guys do?”).

We had a long talk. I underscored my level
of frustration with the way things have been.

He asked if that was why I’m seeing a shrink.
I told him it was one of the reasons. I think
he finally got it. He now seems to understand
the level of seriousness this issue holds with
me, and has sworn to make it change.

I beleive him this time. It upset me to see
him feel so hurt, but unfortunately that was
the only way for him to understand where I was
coming from.

So from now on my journal entries will be a
bit less personal…that information reserved
for private entries, to protect his feelings.

Spending the afternoon with Chuck


Isn’t technology great?

Especially when it completely fails on you.
Next thing you know, every bit of data you
have ever had disappears. That’s right.
About 7 years’ worth.

Cuz you know, 40GB is a lot to try to back
up somewhere. A mirrored drive was something
I’d been working on…but hadn’t quite gotten

Goodbye email.
Goodbye Palm data.
Goodbye every phone number I had ever collected.
Goodbye Address Book.
Goodbye MP3’s.
Goodbye Photos from the last 4 years.
Goodbye My Documents.
Goodbye Resume.
Goodbye Seinfeld episodes.
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye.

I’ve done some research. I guess I’ll be saving up
for the next few weeks for one of those data recovery
places. They disect your drive and extract the data
for you. Fun!

In the meantime…I might just swear off computers,
at least at home. There’s no productive value to me.
Other than maybe occupying my time whilst Erik is

Well…back to spending quality time with Chuck.
Maybe we’ll take a dip in the pool again. The
water is very warm. Danl and David might stop over.
That would be nice. I’m alone today, which isn’t
such a bad thing…I miss that sometimes.

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